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blackened pita, aged banana, new running club, beautiful baby, etc.

Hello and happy weekend! Where has the time gone? Friday feels like forever ago, but let’s start there. I decided to cook dinner for the first time in 2+ weeks and smoked up the whole kitchen with my oven-blackened pita bread._DSC0022Luckily we had more rounds on hand, and the second batch came out just right :)

Paired with some gyro meat, feta, and a salad. Yum._DSC0030Anthony and I were more than happy to spend our first weekend in Tennessee sitting on the couch in our PJs and watching (or in my case, falling asleep to) two episodes of Brooklyn Ninety-Nine. We were exhausted!

Plus I needed to rest up for an early morning run the next day — with a new (to me) running club! Thanks for hosting me, East Nasty.DSC04671The club’s Saturday run met in East Nashville’s Shelby Park, which I’d never explored before. This park is huuuuge which makes me really, really happy (I was a bit nervous that I wouldn’t be able to find many places to run in Nashville)IMG_2606I was also really, really happy that East Nasty seems to be a welcoming club with plenty of runners in my pace range.

The scheduled club run was a 12.5-mile progression run composed of four 5k loops. My group of three started off around a 9:15 pace and gradually picked it up all the way to 7:20 by the last 5k lap. IMG_2604PLUS a 400-meter sprint and a little cool-down jog after, for 13.1 miles total. IMG_2601I was pretty blown away by the tough workout, and also so happy to have made some running buddies. I’ll definitely be running with these guys again!

After the run, I headed to Portland Brew to knock out some work and peel back an aged, beaten-up banana.IMG_2607Anthony met me a while later with some lunchtime sandwiches in tow! The scary/weird picture on the wall behind me was just asking for a photo, so… I don’t know.IMG_2613Annnnd then after that, we embarked on Mary and Anthony Go Nashville House Hunting Round III. Hopefully we’ll nail down a winner soon!

At some point I finally came home and took a shower, and then baked a loaf of blue bread._DSC0037I was going to make regular cornbread, but then spotted some blue cornmeal and thought, why not? YOLO.

I followed the recipe on the back of the cornmeal bag, but it was pretty much the same as this one (with a tablespoon of honey instead of sugar).

Plus a simple salad:_DSC0035And some BARBEQUE!_DSC0039… and my brother, sister-in-law, and baby Emma who is always happy to see me 😉_DSC0048
Other than a crying baby and some burnt bread, it’s been a pretty awesome weekend so far :). Now we’re off to enjoy the last bits of our Sunday!

  • Last time you set off the smoke alarm?
  • Any tips for making a baby stop crying?
  • How long did it take you to find and purchase your first house?

4 thoughts on “blackened pita, aged banana, new running club, beautiful baby, etc.

  1. Glad you found a new running group! That park looks really nice! As far as making a baby stop crying….my kids loved to swing and also they like to be shhhh’d…..basically, quitely say “shhhhhhhh” really close to their ears. It’s like white noise and my boys loved it, worked like a charm!