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i loved sunday

Monday Monday! Hope you had a lovely weekend. I loved our Sunday, which included a gorgeous run:IMG_2625Another adventure in Shelby Park that didn’t disappoint! It was a lovely day and the trails were full of bikers, runners, and walkers (and even a roller blader!)IMG_2624Anthony and I covered about seven miles with some action shots along the way. Who has better form? ๐Ÿ˜‰2014-04-06Even though we had a million errands to do yesterday, we decided we needed a break. At Drake’s ._DSC0069We just wanted a lazy beer, but then realized that two small beers cost $14 and a huge “table tap” of the same beer would cost $9… and thus had to make a wise decision._DSC0052
Another good idea: pairing a giant burger_DSC0054with sushi?!!ย _DSC0055What a cool spot and cool menu!

I’m off to Florida this morning, so I’ll see you from the beach! :)

  • Ever tried a “table tap”?
  • Last time you ran in a new park/trail?
  • Favorite sushi roll?

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