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seaside run + steak dinner

Not a bad view to run to:IMG_2653I’m in sunny South Walton, Florida! There are really too many things to recap in a single post, so let’s just focus on the run for now.IMG_2655This morning was perfect — 50-some degrees, birds chirping, breeze blowing, waves crashing. You know, the whole beach thing.IMG_2661I don’t run well on sand, so I stuck to beachside streets and trails for most of the run. Florida is FLAT and I love it! :)IMG_2659I covered about 10.5 miles total. Felt good to knock out a big run in a new town!IMG_2665I made sure to fuel up for my miles last night with pleeeeennnty of food. My coworkers and I headed to Seagar’s for a fantastic dinner._DSC0075Super-crisp Bibb salad to start:_DSC0053Followed by One Serious Steak._DSC0071On the side: mac and cheese + mushrooms._DSC0065… and some raspberry creme brulee. _DSC0082This has been one heck of a trip. Tomorrow I’ll see you from New Orleans!

  • Last time you went to the beach?
  • How do you like your steaks cooked?
  • Tell me about your run today!!

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