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speedwork and seafood

After a whirlwind trip, I’m back!IMG_2699At track.IMG_2698After three days of traveling, I was feeling pretty beat when I got home last night. I slept in as much as possible and knocked out this speed workout before I had time to wake up and realize what I was doing. Three and a half one-mile dashes at a 6:55 pace, with a (short!) one-minute rest between each. Half mile warm up, half mile cool down. Done before I knew it!

Endless pictures of the same oval track get boring after a while, so here is a guest sunrise shot from Anthony, who is in Boston:Capture99Beautiful day all across America! 😉

While we’re on a country-wide tour, let’s head back to South Walton, Florida, where I consumed approximately 15 meals per day (with beach views on the side)…_DSC0126Grilled mahi mahi on a toasted, buttery bun. (At Bud & Alley’s)_DSC0161We also tried the smoked tuna dip, which is a big thing in Florida. It was weird but delicious in a very fishy way!_DSC0148And thinking of smoked tuna at 7:30 am is just weird. Have a good day!

  • Ever eat seafood for breakfast? (I think I could do smoked salmon on a bagel, but that’s about it)
  • What do you usually think about before/during a run?
  • Tell me the highlight of your day thus far!

6 thoughts on “speedwork and seafood

  1. Crab cake benedict = heavenly. That’s probably the only seafood I would eat for breakfast, unless it was in an omelet.

    Before a track workout I usually get jittery and nervous for some reason!

    My highlight from yesterday is running a 5:49 mile in my second race ever! SO excited to see improvement!

    PS I will be making a sign for the Country Music Half Marathon and finding you!!!

  2. I never eat seafood at all. :) If I’m running or walking with Pippa, I’m usually thinking about my piano studio and coming up with ideas, music, or solutions for my students. All the best ideas come me to when I’m running!