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Happy Friday!

I kicked off my morning with a bit of gym time (aka my excuse to read more of The Goldfinch . So good!!!). A quick climb on the stairmaster followed by a Serena Williams-inspired workout from Nike Training Club. 2014-04-11One thing I love about NTC is that they “reward” you with new workouts when you reach certain milestones of minutes spent using the app — which means my workouts don’t get stale.

Speaking of new things, I recently got to try out Kiss Me Organics’s matcha green tea powder._DSC0017You can read more about matcha green tea powder here and here, but basically it’s an amped-up, powdery version of normal green tea. So it’s got all the stuff of green tea x100._DSC0019And, importantly, it doesn’t taste weird. In fact, it’s pretty good! A bit herby and sweet at the same time. _DSC0024I tried mixing 1 teaspoon of the green tea powder with low-fat milk (like Starbucks’s iced green tea latte), but I think this would be awesome in a banana- or apple-based smoothie (like this one!), too. Yum!

And yet another new amazing food creation: Chicken in a bag._DSC0005My mom uses these awesome “baking bag mixes” to make super-moist and flavorful chicken. I feel like my baked chicken always comes out dry (poor me :( ) so this is a lifesaver._DSC0010Moms always have these amazing secrets up their sleeves.

Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “new workout, new drink, new food

  1. Your mom is like a magician! I had starbuck’s iced green tea whatever things when they first came out and thought they were really gross and so I haven’t gone back. My mom got a coupon in the mail for a free one and we tried it and this memory is forever with me and I don’t know why.