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purity dairy dash: a 10k buffet

How is it Monday already?! This weekend flew by — and included a blur of a 10k race!purity_dairy_dash_nashvilleAnthony and I ran (read: I made Anthony run with me) the Purity Dairy Dash 10k on Saturday. It was pretty fun!

I was aiming for a sub-43:00 finish (~6:55/min pace) and tried my hardest to make my legs move fast. I know marathons are hard, but I actually think I struggle more with shorter races — it’s pretty tough for me to maintain speed, and there’s not much “wiggle room” when it comes to making up time for slower splits. You’re basically out of breath the whole time — no breaks allowed!IMG_2716The first couple miles went pretty well (6:40-50ish), and then I slowed down a bit as we hit a long, straight, and unshaded path of desert-like doom. Miles 3-5 were more in the 7:00-7:10 range as I adjusted to my first exposure to HOT weather in a long time! For mile 6, I picked it back up to sub-7. I crossed the finish line and hugged this giant bottle of milk with Anthony (who beat me by 40 seconds!)purity_dairy_dash_nashville
How’d I do?IMG_2723Official time of 43:50 (3rd for women). A bit slower than I’d hoped, but I was still happy considering the sunny, hot conditions!

This race had a nice flat route and the post-race treats were quite exciting. TSnack tables were overflowing with dairy-based deliciousness:purity_dairy_dash_nashvilleWhich included this insane spread of meatballs and mac ‘n’ cheese.purity_dairy_dash_nashville
And donuts for good measure?purity_dairy_dash_nashvilleIMG_2726I felt pretty wiped out after a six-mile sprint (and also, it was 9:30 am? who eats meatballs at this hour?), so chugged some chocolate milk and saved the rest for later :)

Not that I needed to stock up on food reserves, of course. Only hours after the race Anthony and I were back at the buffet table…IMG_2734I made this salad for the potluck affair, and then piled my plate high with all 20+ offerings. Everything was delicious (Anthony’s coworkers sure know how to cook!) but I have to give the bean salad an extra gold star. It had jicama in it!IMG_2735And because it’s Monday and because this post is late, I’m ending it with beautiful chocolate cupcakes.cupcakes_2732Hope you had an awesome weekend — catch you tomorrow!

  • Jicama: yay or nay?
  • Which is harder: a marathon or a 10k?
  • Go-to potluck recipes?

9 thoughts on “purity dairy dash: a 10k buffet

  1. Fast race!! I think the shorter races are harder too–BUT I have a marathon coming up and haven’t been in the mood to get excited about the distance (womp womp) so this particular marathon might be harder…
    My go-to potluck dish is mac n cheese…to find and eat, not to make :)

  2. 10k is so much harder for me! I ran a a half marathon with my sisters and I did great all the way through it and had a great fast finish but my sister was struggling at the end but when we all did a 10k together I was struggling and my sister pushed and had a fast finish. I think it all depends in the slow or fast twitch fibers you have, I feel like I definitely have the slow twitch more!