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socks a no-no, grits a ya-ya

The worst thing that can happen during a run:IMG_2758Both my socks’ heel sections slipped allllll the way down to mid-food during yesterday’s run. I wasn’t sure if I could go on with life, but somehow I managed.

Anthony provided emotional support for all six miles 😉IMG_2763The skies were pretty ominous yesterday. (But today it’s 32 degrees outside?! What?!)IMG_2765We spotted a family of deer!IMG_2760All in all — overlooking the tragic Sock Slippage — it was a good run. I was even prepared for the rain!

(And completely decked out in Nike gear, which I think is some of the best stuff. I’ve had this jacket and these shorts for more than three years each!)IMG_2762Today I have to tackle a track workout in the freezing cold. Fun?

*And for anyone wondering, I’m trying out a new schedule where I recap yesterday’s run (not today’s) each day. I wish I could do the on-the-fly, breaking-news blogging routine, but at the moment my super-early-start schedule doesn’t allow it :)

So, back in time we go. After my trip to Florida last week, I was craving more seafood!shrimp_and_grits_DSC0028My mom and I tried out this “shrimp and grits a ya-ya” recipe for a Southern-inspired feast.shrimp_and_grits_DSC0033It was really, really good! We cut the butter and cream in the recipe by half (I’m all about a bit of indulgence, but 3 cups of heavy cream and 2 sticks of butter?! That’s intense) and everything came out pretty well.shrimp_and_grits_DSC0027Simple (butter-free, cream-free) salad on the side.

Time to go sprint in circles, and then get this freezing day started! Have a good one!

  • Favorite blogs/websites for recipes?
  • Favorite brand of running gear?
  • Favorite… gift you’ve ever gotten? (random)

3 thoughts on “socks a no-no, grits a ya-ya

  1. Agh, I hate it when socks do that! So annoying! Blisters are just waiting to happen! Hope your track workout goes well, it will only make you tougher if it is cold!

    I have never tried shrimp n’ grits, but I think I will someday, would be an interesting combination.

    My favorite brand of running gear is definitely Saucony….and not just because I am sponsored by them 😛 I used to be a Nike girl, but once I started using Saucony clothes I realized how much I love it, and how they make it for runners, rather than just for any kind of working out. Give it a try :)