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track recap + homemade limoncello

Yesterday’s 32-degree temperatures didn’t stop me and my shadow from running in circles.IMG_2772Well, ovals.

Has anyone ever done hurdles? They look terrifying. They are about half my height and I think if I tried to run and jump over one I would face plant.IMG_2770My workout was a bit terrifying, too. But I did it! (ps, where do you put your keys when you run? I’ve been trying out the shoelace trick and don’t mind it)IMG_2769Mile 1: 6:48; mile 2: 6:51; then three 1000m at 4:09, 4:19, and 4:15. A sad and short one-minute rest between each rep to catch my breath and the pretty sunrise:IMG_2771My total workout covered 6,200m (about 4 miles, plus another mile of warmup/cooldown) and apparently my goal is to hit 8,000m workouts at some point. All this track science can be confusing — I’m glad I have a coach who just tells me what to do!

In other news WE MADE LIMONCELLO.homemade_limoncello_DSC0023It’s a time-consuming but simple process. Annnnnd the results are pretty dang tasty.

We loosely followed this recipe. Step one: go to Costco, buy a boat load of lemons, and peel them (recommended that you play Italian music in the background)homemade_limoncello_DSC0017Step two: keep peeling.homemade_limoncello_DSC0001Step three: Put the peels in a big jar with some grain alcohol (don’t you have 5 bottles of Everclear on hand?)homemade_limoncello_DSC0007
And let sit in a dark, cool corner for two weeks.

Step four: Strain out the alcohol juice and add it to some sugar water:homemade_limoncello_DSC0011Then bottle it all up…homemade_limoncello_DSC0020Look at your lovely creation one last time:homemade_limoncello_DSC0028And put it in a dark corner for a month!

Step ?? I forgot: Drink it!!_DSC0071And that’s all the life-changing advice I have for you today. Have a great one!

  • Ever done hurdles?
  • Where do you put your keys when you run?
  • Favorite dessert cocktail/drink?

9 thoughts on “track recap + homemade limoncello

  1. Nice job Mary! Track workouts are tough, but they make all the difference in the world. It is especially impressive that you did mile repeats and 1000 as they are very difficult to mentally stay tough! Way to go, especially in the cold.

    I always find the track workouts push my body to another level, and I have always run faster after a track segment. Cant wait to see what you can do :)

  2. Mary – My relatives in Italy make limoncello with oranges too…orangecello?!? It’s amazingly yummy a refreshing and makes a fabulous cocktail.

  3. I use the keyring to attach to my bra stap and then throw it over my shoulder. I feel the jingling for the first 4 minutes and then totally forget about it!

  4. I put my keys in my shoelaces as well–I loop the lace through the hole in the key and then stick the actual key part in through the bottom laces so that it doesn’t jiggle around : )