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i need your shoe advice

Happy Friday! Anthony and I began celebrating yesterday:P1010787at Granite City Brewery. The beer was yummy (of course), and the food was pretty good.P1010791But I must say, it was sort of a lot. Especially that soup — pretty heavy stuff. We couldn’t even finish it?!!

After dinner, I got in my second workout of the day: IMG_2802A friend hosted game night, and things got pretty competitive ;).

Back to my first workout of the day:IMG_2774A perfect-weather run. I did the first four miles with Anthony…IMG_2779and then ran off to do the last 2.5 solo.IMG_2776Also, the bad news = my beautiful pink PureConnects are reaching the end of their life. The good news = PureConnect 2s are super cheap, and PureConnect 3s are super cute. WHICH SHOULD I GET?!!






( p.s. – how cool isย AmazonSmile?! This makes me even more likely to impulse buy 1000000 things off the internet)

Tough choices. Have a good weekend!!

  • Which shoe to get? (or is there another low profile neutral shoe you recommend?)
  • Locals (Nashville): What’s your favorite happy hour spot?
  • Do you ever do two-a-day workouts?

14 thoughts on “i need your shoe advice

  1. Ahhh all that food looks amazing! You are making me hungry and I have 15 miles of workout waiting for me….so a big meal would be a bad idea hahaha! Beautiful scenes from your run there Mary!

    I cannot recommend any brooks, but I would 100% recommend the Saucony Kinvara, I LOVE them! :)

  2. go for cheap now and then in a few months when you need new ones the super cute 3’s will be cheap also!!

  3. Great Nashville Happy Hour Spots:
    Village Pub & Beer Garden
    Belcourt Taps
    Saint Anejo (on Wednesdays)

    Great Bars to Visit (not necessarily hh):
    The Patterson House
    Pinewood Social
    The Greenhouse Bar
    The Flying Saucer

    Nashville has so many great ones though–the list could go on & on! I live in DC but my bf lives in Nashville so I’ve visited often–I’m going again in 2 weeks and cannot wait! You’re so lucky you live there! Enjoy!

    ps. I know you’re a mexican fan–check out Rosepepper Cantina (East Nashville)

    • awesome – thank you! we are actually moving pretty close to rosepepper and were fully aware of that fact when choosing our house ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. The Pure Flow 3s are incredible! Somehow seem better than the 2s?! But honestly, get both ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I agree with Matt – the PureFlow 3s are pretty awesome! But if you’re familiar with the Connects and they work for you, then order a pair of the 2s while they’re cheap, and then go test out the 3s to make sure that they work for your feet. (I had an issue with the Saucony Mirage where I had the 2s, but the updates they made to the model meant that the 3s no longer worked for my feet.)

  6. Since you are going to be a East Nashville resident please make sure you guys check out Silly Goose! Across the street from Rosepepper. I like their lunch menu (sandwiches are deeeelish) and I’d recommend getting their close to opening cause it gets super busy. Bonus = Jeni’s ice cream is next door.

    • thanks for the tip! we’ve been to silly goose for their yummy iced tea, but haven’t tried the food yet. it’s on our to-do list!