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secret recipe, new car, long run, lots of food {weekend recap}

Happy Monday! And good luck to everyone running Boston!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

How was your weekend? Mine was full of the usual (running, bacon, wine, froyo, etc.) Starting with an overcast eight miles on Friday:IMG_2805Lately I’ve been doing “fast finish” runs, where you pick up the pace for the last quarter of your run. It’s actually sort of fun — it makes you buckle down and focus for the last few miles, instead of lazing through and dwelling on how slow/tired/bored you are. Ya know?IMG_2807Hopefully these tougher workouts will prep me for my half marathon this weekend! :)

While I was out running and working on Friday, Anthony headed over to the Nissan dealership and bought us a car. Woohoo!DSC04195We took Lenny (what I named our Nissan Leaf) around this weekend and he is the best. Such a speedy and smooth little car — that runs 100% off electricity! DSC04197No more spending buckets of money on gas, no more polluting the airwaves, no more having to borrow my mom’s car, etc.

I’ll still be “borrowing” my mom’s food, though…_DSC0026She made TWO Easter feasts (one on Saturday, one on Sunday) because one just isn’t enough. Saturday’s spread was for a special guest:_DSC0033Wouldn’t it be great to have a portable bed and get to nap all day? My niece knows how to do life right.

Anyways, back to the food. This broccoli salad stole my heart:_DSC0029I don’t know the exact magical methods behind my mom’s broccoli-cashew creation, but I think it’s something like this recipe.

Put it all together:_DSC0038and you won’t be hungry again for days!

Somehow Anthony and I still found room for dinner, though. On Saturday night we met up with some friends at Holland House in East Nashville. Grilled catfish + risotto for me:_DSC0043and a big ‘ole burger for Anthony! _DSC0045Both were really, really good. Especially when paired with froyo. We checked out Sweet CeCe’s, a chain we actually have never been to during our lifelong world tour of froyo places._DSC0051I love sprinkles and Anthony loves chocolate. Sweet CeCe’s has sprinkle-covered chocolate chips. Win-win._DSC0052I realize that this post is getting extremely lengthy so let’s jump to Sunday’s run and wrap it up. After church, Anthony and I headed out for some hot, sunny mid-day miles!IMG_2821We remembered to wear our sunglasses, but forgot the sunscreen.IMG_2819By the end of the run, my shoulders were the same color as my shorts. Pink is the new black right?IMG_2824At least we were fast!IMG_2825And now it’s time to slap on some SPF and tack on some more miles. Have a good Monday!

  • Last time you were sunburnt?
  • What did you do/eat for Easter?
  • Locals (Nashville): are you running RnR this weekend?!

12 thoughts on “secret recipe, new car, long run, lots of food {weekend recap}

  1. The last time i was sunburnt was about 4 years ago. We were living in Colorado and I just went out on my deck at naptime and forgot to put sunscreen on. I burnt so bad that I have a scar now. I haven’t been in the sun since, and especially since my mom was diagnosed with melanoma. And i’ve got to know, what kind of camera do you use for your pictures??

    • wow, that is a serious burn! i use a nikon D500 or a panasonic lumix at home, and a sony DSC-TX10 or my iPhone 4s on my runs

  2. I got a little color after a week in Florida, but I applied sunscreen diligently all but one day.

    Your Easter feast looks delicious 😛 I didn’t do much to celebrate Easter. I want to buy some Reese’s PB eggs. Maybe they’ll be on sale!

  3. Congrats on the Leaf!! I got drive my friend’s Leaf around for a while – sooo smooth and quiet!! The only down-side is not being able to make long road trips (unless charges stations along the way). But around town, it’s perfect!!

    • anthony’s new job includes working to implement more charging stations around the nation, so that road trips etc. are possible!

  4. So cool that you have an electric car!! I’ve seen electricity stations before in random cities so I’m guessing you have one of those…do you have to pay for those or is this whole thing actually 100% free. If so, I’m selling my car and getting an electric one, like, yesterday!

    • well, your electric bill will go up since you have to charge it at home… but the cost of gas is $0.00 :)

    • haha our lives are moving pretty fast right now, so it’s all a blur! we’d been planning to buy a leaf for a month or so, so it wasn’t a huge surprise