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5 random things

Good morning! I can tell that this is going to be a random post and I’m only on the first sentence.

1. We’ll start off with a run:IMG_2836The weather yesterday was so lovely, and my run sort of was too? I tried to tackle a 7:15 pace for 45 minutes and failed to reach my goal by about 15 seconds each mile. Oh well. My legs did their best!IMG_2837(ps did anyone read/listen to this interview with Shalane Flanigan, where she says she talks to her quads?)

2. More running — I’d recommend Marathon Help Daily, a fresh daily roundup of running blogs/articles.Capture893. Moving onto food. I’ve been a salad-making machine lately. This one’s got caramelized onions and red peppers, bleu cheese, toasted walnuts, and dates. Dressing = balsamic + olive oil + lemon + garlic + sugar + salt._DSC0086Best paired with a (or an?) herby Easter turkey._DSC00884. More food: I’m debating canceling my run this morning and making these hot cross buns instead. Any sort of cinnamon roll/bun/cake steals my heart.IMG_5437
5. And lastly the coolest thing about our new car: it has this dashboard video game built into it where you can grow electronic trees for driving efficiently. I grew one yesterday but need to get to FOUR to win?!IMG_2839And there you have it. Ending with some even more random homeowner-based questions:

  • What sort of washer/dryer do you have? (Anthony and I are on the hunt… so fun)
  • Are your house’s walls all the same color, or are rooms painted totally different colors?
  • Do you have a convection oven, and if so, do you think it’s worth it?


7 thoughts on “5 random things

  1. Beautiful picture Mary, very jealous! Your meals look wonderful too! And your hot cross buns came out so much better than mine!!! So jealous! I love making them for Easter….makes me feel a little more at home :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week, I am going to check out that website….Boston made me very excited for Chicago this year…..hoping I can smash 2:40!

  2. 1) Convection ovens are awesome. If you want to get a regular one (less expensive right?) you should look into the Breville toaster ovens. My family has one and its amazing. You can make so many things in there (it doubles as a convection oven and is pretty roomy).
    2) I am in an apartment but the house I grew up in we painted rooms to have their own theme! I won some how and convinced my parents to let me paint (and sponge paint!) the dining room purple haha

  3. I have a convection oven, and i haven’t used a non-convection in a while so it’s hard to compare. I don’t have much trouble with mine.

    Those got cross buns look good. I want to make them too!