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the usual stuff + answers to 3 questions I get asked a lot

Look who came with me to the track yesterday!IMG_2846It’s always motivating to have a buddy cheer you on. Especially when you are dying for breath after your eighth 800m dash.IMG_2847It was tough, but I met my goal time of 3:20-3:25 for each one. AND the rain held out until my workout was done — nice to have Mother Nature on my side for once! (Remember when she snowed on me during a recent track trial?)

Anthony even remembered to take the obligatory track +shoe photo.IMG_2849What’s on the minutes per mile menu today, you ask? TACOS!taco_bowl_DSC0009My mom whipped out another crazy kitchen creation the other night — these baked taco bowls. You just throw a tortilla in ’em and bake away! Then you get the cutest little tortilla crater.taco_bowl_DSC0006Though the taco bowls were pretty cool, the highlight of the night was a Chip Off.tortilla_chips_DSC0002The Better Chip was thick and salty, the Tostitos Cantinas were light and greasy. Winner = Tostitos. But we ate both for good measure.

Last night we held another throw down in the form of ice cream sandwiches. Mayfield vs. Purity._DSC0002The winner: Purity. It was super close, but Purity tasted a bit more pure! (And we’re keen on them because they sponsored my 10k last week).
I know this post has already given you all the information you wanted and ever needed to know, but I’ve been meaning to share some answers to three questions I get asked a lot:

1. What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D500 or a Panasonic Lumix when I’m not running, and a Sony DSC-TX10 or my iPhone 4s when I’m running. I carry my phone/iPhone in my hand when I run (or throw it in a jacket pocket during the winter)

2. Do you run every day?
No. I usually run 4-6 days a week depending on what I”m training for.

3. I’m running my first full/half marathon. What should I do?
If your goal is just to finish, I always say Hal Higdon’s novice 1 programs are a tried-and-true approach! If your goal is to finish fast, I say do one track workout a week.

If you ever have questions or recommendations for a post, let me know! If not, I’ll just keep holding junk food competitions and sharing the results.

See you tomorrow!

  • What camera do you use?
  • Do you run every day?
  • How did you train for your first full/half marathon?

4 thoughts on “the usual stuff + answers to 3 questions I get asked a lot

  1. Your matching shoes are adorable! I use my Samsung Galaxy S4. I actually picking this phone over the iPhone that was out at the time because it has an 11 megapixel camera! Lately I run about 3x a week. I trained for my first half using smartrunner on runnerworld.

  2. Good ones!

    1. I take my pocket-size yet high quality Canon S95 on travel. I use my iPhone 4s for everyday use. If im trail-running with a camelbak I might cart my iPhone with me or use a $50 Lumix i have (still takes great pictures!)
    2. I do not run every day. I attempted to one season and i just got injured. I think 1 rest day per week is imperative. I tend to run 6 days a week (sometimes 2/day) while training hard for a marathon. Otherwise, i think 5 days a week of running and 1 day of cross-training can get you in shape for just about anything.
    3. Ditto on Higdon! I’de say use the Novice I plan if you just want to finish, maybe Novice 2 with speedwork if you have any time goal.

    Hope TN is treatin’ you great Mary!!