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dog attack, denim, and double beef

Hi there! How is it Thursday already? Seems like I was just out for my Wednesday run…IMG_2857Which actually, I was. Anthony sneakily shut off our alarm clock in the morning, making us miss our workouts — so in return, I sneakily signed him up for an evening run with me :)

It was a gorgeous day out — right about 65 degrees with a nice breeze. The goal: 45 minutes at a 7:15 pace. Phew!

Unfortunately right after I took this photo, two things happened: 1) we got attacked by (playful) golden retrievers and 2) my phone died.IMG_2858So, that’s the end of that run recap.

I know I always joke about the urgent, breaking news I feature on this blog… but today there’s not a hint of sarcasm when I say that THIS is big news (brought to us by Miriam). 😉Capture09
“Functional denim” that’s designed to fit athletes’ legs.Does this mean my calves won’t bust out of my skinny jeans?! If I buy a pair, will I be able to do the splits?!
barbell denim
From blue jeans to burgers:bureger_republic_nashville_2854Yesterday my coworkers and I tried out Burger Republic in The Gulch. Not surprisingly, the burger was amazing (though I hear it stills fall short of the burgers served at The Pharmacy?) and the tator tots (cooked in truffle oil!) were top notch.

When I came home, I found out Momma had made steak for dinner. _DSC0016It was a very beefy day.

  • Do you eat red meat?
  • Ever been attacked by a dog during a run?
  • (another homeowner question): Washers: front loader or top loader?
  • Burger Republic on UrbanSpoon:
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7 thoughts on “dog attack, denim, and double beef

  1. I haven’t really been attacked on a run by a dog, but I’ve been chased down by dogs on my bike. It was pretty scary because they were barking and growling at me. I slowed down, but kept going, and once I passed their territory, they stopped chasing me. People shouldn’t let their aggressive dogs run around!

    • i used to run by an aggressive dog and would carry a stick whenever i passed his yard! one time i had to scare him away with it when he chased me

  2. I eat red meat but it is definitely not super often. This week I actually bought steaks for the first time in forever so I had steak Monday and tonight for dinner!

    I was running in college once and I went to school out in the boons and a dog came at me from inside of a house it was large and barking and circling me and I was freaking out. I love dogs but I don’t know how other people raise them! The man finely came out as I was just standing there backing up into the grass freaking out and called his dog. I may or may not have yelled out “keeping your f***ing dog on a leash” and he flipped me the bird. All in all it was a great interaction : 0

    • i have definitely yelled at people before for not putting their dogs on leashes. it’s so rude!

  3. 1.) yes I do
    2.) I was ‘attacked’ by a Great Dane who got away from his owner. He proceeded to knock me over into someone’s yard and kill me with kisses. His owner swore he has never done that before, and I must be special. :-)
    3.) get front loader, uses less water.