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I’m race ready!
Yesterday I popped into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville expo to get my bib for the half. The expo, of course, was crazy town. But if you just disregard the signs that say “no exit” and leave through the entrance door (thus avoiding the maze of vendors and sponsors), you can get in and out pretty quickly :).

I also prepped for race day by getting in a super easy 30-minute jog.IMG_2863No Garmin! It was nice to just zone out and jog. Today I’m not running at all. IMG_2864Another good race-prep tactic: Eating a bowl of chips bigger than your head.20140424_182406Or, even better, chips and guac!20140424_183934 (1)Anthony and I had an hour or so to kill yesterday before we checked in on our new house — so we happy hour-ed at Rosepepper Cantina. Everything was great! Only criticism is that my beer was a bit warm and none of the servers were really wearing clothes.20140424_182540And because it’s Friday, here are two happy things for you: 1) Bizkit the sleep walking dog; 2) 17 terrifying stages of frozen yogurt. :)

  • Are you racing this weekend?
  • Salsa: mild, hot, or verde?
  • Best tip for race day prep?

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16 thoughts on “race day prep

  1. Ahhh good luck! How exciting! I love going to expos :)

    My best race day tip is to get up at least 4 hours before so your body has time to wake up, digest the food you give it, (and go to the bathroom) before the race. It makes for an early morning, but it is definitely worthwhile. This has helped me to run many of my fast times over the years :)

    Love the new layout by the way!

    • thanks! i typically wake up 1-2 hours before the race haha, and chug some coffee and toast beforehand. works for me!

  2. Chips and guac is the best! And some hot salsa 😉

    The day before a race, I like to layout all my gear to make sure I don’t forget anything. Nothing worse than stressing over missing an essential piece of kit.

  3. Look for me cheering right before mile 5 on the bridge over the interstate! I have a ton a friends running so I’ll have a sign and will be cheering my heart out!! (Stop by for a high five)

  4. Good luck! I’m running the Nike Women’s Half on Sunday – my first half since I broke my ankle.

  5. Good luck tomorrow!

    I ran the Nashville Marathon last year! It was my first marathon. It was a torential down pour the entire race – I hope you have better weather tomorrow. The route and fan support was great, even with the rain. All the hills were a change for me. I’m used to flat Chicago.

    Good luck and I can’t wait to hear about your race!