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i ran 13.1 miles so here are 13.1 food photos

The problem with this blog is that I typically only run once a day but I eat three (or seven) times a day. The result is that I often have a backlog of food photos that never gets shared…

UNTIL now. Since it’s Saturday and I”m not moving from the couch for the next five hours (I just ran a half marathon! But more to come on that later) I decided to scroll through the past couple weeks and reflect on all the yummy things that apparently helped me PR today.

Starting, of course, with a margarita :) . A nice find at Cinco de Mayo in Cummins Station. frozen_margarita_2811Ever since I ate all the fish in Florida, I’ve been on a seafood kick! Anthony and I whipped up (yes, we actually cooked something) this linguine + mussels combo.pasta_with_mussels_DSC0013Unlike last time, I didn’t dump half a container of red pepper flakes in the mussels so the heat levels were actually tolerable and quite tasty.pasta_with_mussels_DSC0014Still feeling fishy: SUSHI! Anthony led us to Shiki, a hole-in-the-wall sushi spot in Franklin.P1010794Shiki is new to town and impresses guests with a giant wooden boat that must have been assembled inside of the restaurant because there is no way it would fit through any normal-sized door.P1010795They also drape the walls in colorful icicle lights and serve up really fresh and really cheap sushi rolls.P1010803They even decorate your plate with carrots cut into dragon silhouettes! My favorite.P1010805My family doesn’t mess around when it comes to sushi. We also did not fit through the door after this meal.P1010800A seafood interruption: salad + sandwich. One of my weekend go-to lunches!IMG_2902You’d think I’d get tired of it, but I don’t. There are so many turkey, veggie, bread, and cheese options in the world and I’m dedicated to trying every combination that exists.IMG_2728I know this post is getting quite lengthy but I’m still nowhere near to walking or doing anything active, so I’m just going to keep uploading sushi and alcohol pictures.

Drake’s round two!_DSC0051Anthony: “This is why I decided to live in America.”
We shared a chicken sandwich and spicy tuna roll. Weirdly good combo.2014-04-13And for my “0.1” food photo, here is a tiny picture of a “wonut.”
How’s THAT for a food photo finish line.
Have a great weekend!

  • Best thing you ate in the past week?
  • Ever tried a wonut?
  • Soy sauce: low sodium or not? Do you put wasabi in there?

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6 thoughts on “i ran 13.1 miles so here are 13.1 food photos

  1. I saw you running!!! I was so set to yell “HI!!” but by the time I really recognized you, (how embarrassing would it have been to yell ‘Hi Mary!’ to someone who wasn’t Mary…), you had already passed! I was before the water stop before mile 5 – great running though!

    • haha i was wondering where you were on mile 5! my diva sunglasses hide a lot of my face so i might have been hard to spot

  2. I am right there with you! I have so many food pics, and I rarely take running pics….as they look the same every day!

    That sushi place looks amazing, and I am so glad you shared a wonut with us….I had been curious, but it looks great 😀

    Looking forward to hearing how you got on! I have my half in Brooklyn coming up in a few weeks, and I think I am ready to smash my PR and run around 1:13…I hope!