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Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville recap

Hi there! What were you up to over the weekend?

I was up to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Music Half Marathon!20140426_084048
The race started bright and early — I snagged a parking spot and headed to the start line just in time for the gun to go off (I hate getting to races early and always cut it super close).

As you can tell, it was sunny out and I was standing behind some very tall people. IMG_2880I wasn’t very nervous for this race. My plan was to just do my thing, run hard, and enjoy the good weather and good crowd support.
My coach had given me a goal pace of 7:15 which I thought was impossible. But then again, he’s been within 1 minute of predicting all of my race times… so I sort of wondered… what if?

I aimed to stay under 7:30 during the first four miles, which were mostly uphill. After that, I cruised for a couple downhill miles at a speedier pace. I don’t usually take photos while I race, but when I saw Elvis around mile 5, I had to capture the moment!
Mile 6 brought another crushing incline — but I’d actually looked at the elevation map before the race and knew it was pretty much all downhill after that. So, I picked it up and tried to bust it to the finish.

Around mile 11, I started feeling pretty beat and actually broke out in goosebumps (probably not a good sign considering it was 80 degrees?). At that point I knew that a fast finish was neither possible nor safe so my goal was to just finish steady. I usually don’t repeat mantras when I race, but I kept saying “you’re strong, you’re strong!” in my head so that my mind wouldn’t drift toward negativity.

Anyways, I guess the mental games worked because I finished at a pretty solid pace! And I got a burst of extra speed when I ran by Anthony (my one-man camera crew) and my parents in the last 0.1 mile :)

I love Anthony’s spontaneous cheers in this video.

Another PR! My official time was 1:35:09 (7:16 average pace). I guess my coach’s predicted pace was possible after all.IMG_2887My splits, for anyone who cares:

  1. 7:11
  2. 7:13
  3. 7:27
  4. 7:18
  5. 6:55
  6. 6:57
  7. 7:32
  8. 7:08
  9. 7:05
  10. 6:54
  11. 7:03
  12. 7:12
  13. 7:32

My parents undertook a great PR effort for the blog, too.
Anthony was so inspired that he asked me to do a half marathon with him in the fall. My answer, of course, was yes :) (I was so excited that I spilled Gatorade all over my shirt as you can tell)IMG_2889And I asked everyone to go to Taco Bell with me after the race. I’ve been seeing all these ridiculous commercials for their breakfast food and decided it would make for a nutritious and gourmet post-race meal.IMG_2893Possibly the best and worst decision of my life = the waffle taco. It was sort of weird but I’m glad I can say I tried it.2014-04-26The breakfast crunch wrap, on the other hand, was actually quite tasty! Ha.

And that’s my story of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Music City Half Marathon! Have a good week!

  • Did you race this weekend? How’d it go?!
  • Have you tried Taco Bell’s breakfast stuff?
  • Have you ever raced in costume?

23 thoughts on “Rock ‘n’ Roll Nashville recap

  1. Congrats on the awesome race and well done with your pacing plan! Love it when you can just be in focused get-this-done mode. :)

    And, going to Taco Bell afterwards is exactly the same kind of thing I would do. Now to triangulate my races with the nearest TB.

    • awesome recap! yeah, i heard it was terribly rainy last year, so i was happy for the sunshine this year. i only did the half, not the full — go you for tackling those hills twice as hard as i did! 😉

  2. Congrats on your race, & that awesome time!! I raced in my first half marathon this past weekend & was pretty pleased with my speed for the most part (I was way slower than you of course) but it was such an awesome experience :)

  3. Love it Mary! Great job! I always surprise myself on race day too, as a lot of the time I can barely run my race pace for the half the distance! Guess it shows how much of a difference adrenaline and rest makes :)

    Congrats on your PR, that is awesome, and loving all your photos! I have my half in Brooklyn coming in a few weeks, I am excited for it. Hoping to smash my PR and have a shot for the win….I hope!