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monster cookie + raspberry lemon cake

I’m taking it pretty easy after my weekend race, so I don’t have any running stuff for you today… which is perfect because now we can just focus on cookies and cake.

I’ve suffered some major lows and enjoyed some major highs on the baking front lately. Starting with the bad news, let’s take a look at this flat blob-like monster cookie I baked last night:_DSC0099Looking at this lengthy forum on why cookies go flat, it looks like I made a series of mistakes: Overwhipping the butter, not refrigerating the dough, and not using enough flour.

But let’s get serious here. A giant monster cookie isn’t bad news… it’s good news! Cause now I can say I ate “just one” cookie._DSC0112…and just one slice of cake (per hour)._DSC0071After I made this cake before we moved to Nashville, I’ve had my mind set on making it again — using raspberries instead of blueberries!_DSC0055I followed the recipe pretty closely, but made some adjustments: used raspberries instead of blueberries (obviously), used sugar instead of honey for the cake, and replaced the almond flour with 2 cups almond meal + 1 cup regular white flour. _DSC0054The result was another dense, not-too-sweet, and overly edible cake that was perfect for my friend’s birthday! (Good thing I didn’t try the cookie recipe for the occasion :) )IMG_2833Hope this post has satisfied your sweet tooth! If not let me know if you want me to send you “just one” monster cookie and I will. Shipping it might be pretty pricey though.

  • Dessert: fruit flavors or chocolate/vanilla flavors?
  • What’s the last recipe failure you’ve had?
  • What kind of cake/treat do you have on your birthday?!

6 thoughts on “monster cookie + raspberry lemon cake

  1. I made the same mistakes once when making sugar cookies for a party! I served them anyways and called the cookie “thins”. Every one loved them! Because how can butter and sugar not taste good LOL

  2. I prefer fruit flavored desserts. Perhaps a nice grapefruit flavored cake? Also, did you serve this cake to the birthday person with one piece missing? That seems a tad unfair for the sake of the blog!