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cupcake, pizza, and a date gone wrong

Friday! Let’s start with a cupcake. Ignore my unusually wrinkled palms and just look at how cute this little key lime creation is.IMG_2931Back to our usually scheduled programming: a run! IMG_2925Taking photos of quiet, green, suburban scenery is a pretty big change from my old shots of crowded and chaotic DC streets. Hope you like blue skies and electricity poles!IMG_2929I covered about five miles at an easy pace. The past few weeks were pretty intense while I was training up for my half marathon, so I was definitely ready for some easy rest this week.

Which meant I had more time to party!

Starting with the worst date Anthony and I have ever been on. Part I of the date was a drink at Patterson House — but since it was so packed and we couldn’t get in, we walked to a bar called Aura down the street.P1010808I could dedicate a whole post to how comical our experience was, but I’ll keep things short and sweet. (Not as overly sweet as my terrible, dirty-sock tasting margarita was, though!)P1010807We were going to order wine, but when we saw the bartender mix up Merlot for Riesling (and then discover a bottle of warm Riesling, and proceed to shake it up with ice to serve it “chilled”) we decided cocktails might be a safe bet. They weren’t.

The chicken flatbread “nachos,” however, were acceptable (once we finally got silverware to eat them with).P1010809ANYWAYS, after our totally fabulous time at Aura, we went to the final shows of the Nashville Film Festival. We saw a movie about a freak clone baby that ends up killing all the other characters (including another baby). The whole evening was so terrible that Anthony and I just had to laugh. Even when the clone baby was murdering people.

A couple days after that, though, I had a Nashville experience that was good! But then again it is impossible for pizza to be bad.P1010815Mafiaoza’s, I’ll be back for more of you (once I finish my ginormous box of leftovers).P1010812The three of us have known each other since we were about 5 years old. Reunited!P1010816Just realized that this post started with a cupcake and ended with pizza. You’re welcome :)

Have a good weekend!

  • Nashvillians: Where should I go out to eat this weekend.
  • What’s the worse movie you’ve ever seen?
  • Are you in a peak week or a rest week right now?

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8 thoughts on “cupcake, pizza, and a date gone wrong

  1. I’m in a relaxed running week…..more like month. lol. I have two half marathons coming up this month, but I am not training like crazy. I just want to run them and be strong the entire time. (BTW – Congrats on your AWESOME Half Mary PR).

    That sounds like a HORRIBLE night. At least you had your husband with you to laugh about it.

  2. You find so many beautiful places to run! All the food looks woooooonnderful! I would love to give myself some of that 😀

    I have my race coming in 2 weeks, so this was my last week above 80, and now I will drop down….scary stuff, but I think I should be ready to run 1:13 :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy Nashville!