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how to pack the perfect lunchtime salad

It’s MONDAY! To help us all get excited for another week, I’ve crafted a how-to series on packing the perfect lunchtime salad to take to work/school. Because these are the sorts of things I think about in my free time… ?packed_salad_tupperware_DSC0006Anyways, the trick to packing non-soggy, perfectly portable salads is to LAYER. First, you put all your veggies — especially watery ones like cucumbers and/or tomatoes, in the bottom of your container. This prevents your lettuce from getting smashed or soggy.packed_salad_tupperware_DSC0004(Tip for tomatoes and cucumbers: go for baby tomatoes and English cucumbers. They’re less watery than normal ones).

In this salad I’ve got cucumbers, radishes, carrots, red pepper, avocado, and sundried tomatoes. I put the sticky things — sundried tomato & avocado — on the top of my veggie stack so that they wouldn’t get too smushy in the bottom.packed_salad_tupperware_DSC0002Next up: Lettuce! Stack it high, but leave a little bit of space so that you can shake up your salad later.packed_salad_tupperware_DSC0005What’s missing? THE CHEESE! packed_salad_tupperware_DSC0008I put the cheese on top. If you put the cheese on the bottom with the veggies etc. it sometimes gets too sticky and forms one giant cheese/avocado/pepper ball. Other less sticky cheeses (like store-bought shredded cheddar) will get soggy by the veggies. So, keep the cheese separate.

Last up: Dressing. I like to put mine in a mini-container — you can also keep it in a ziploc bag. packed_salad_tupperware_DSC0014Other things you’d want to keep in a separate bag/container: soft nuts/seeds (like peanuts and sunflower seeds), croutons, tortilla strips, and perhaps tomatoes if you’re very anti-sogginess.

I didn’t realize how much I had to say on this topic. Happy salad packing!

Just a few more words to share — about our weekend run! IMG_2946Anthony and I covered seven hot and sunny miles.IMG_2950and I beat all of the little soccer players. :)IMG_2945Have a good week!

  • Do you buy your lunch or pack it?
  • Tips for creating non-soggy salads?
  • Did you race this weekend?! How’d it go?

14 thoughts on “how to pack the perfect lunchtime salad

  1. I put the salad dressing in a ziploc bag, too. Or if I’m lazy, I don’t use salad dressing. Sometimes flavorful ingredients are enough that I don’t need the dressing.

    Sometimes, I like to make kale salads because it can sit in the dressing without getting soggy. The longer it “marinates”, the more tender the kale.

  2. Great great post! I just packed my big ol lunch salad last night – I did it in a mason jar so I had to be careful about how I layered everything, but it turned out well! And it went down a little smoother than like a veggie burger at work :)

  3. Ran in the “Cinco de Miler” race in Chicago + an extra 10 miles (to get there and back).

    Also went house-hunting.

    Perfect weekend :)

  4. You’ve always been good at the salad packing! Great post, Mary, I liked reading your tips :) seems like you’ve settled right into Nashville, I’m happy to see that.

  5. Well this is timely! I’ve started eating more salads and was just wondering how to pack a good one to take to work with me. Thanks Mary :)

  6. Great post Mary! I try to take salads a lot, and just put the wet stuff in a different tub with the dressing to pour on just before I eat it. These are great on the go meals, that give you a whole lot of nutrition… as long as there is enough to it!

    Your runs always look sunny and beautiful!

    • WOW, that is an amazing process. I’m tempted to try it but agree — that’s a crapload of containers! haha. Between mine and Anthony’s lunches every day we go through Tupperware like nobody’s business. except for maybe your business. do you pack Fabio’s lunch too?