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hills for breakfast; BBQ, froyo, fajitas, margaritas, etc. for dinner

Yesterday’s breakfast: Six servings of hills.IMG_2965The elevation squiggles show just how fun it was 😉Capture9999Even though I pretty much died during each 2:05-2:10 minute sprint of pain, the view from the top was nice. IMG_2964I hate hills, but they’ll pay off come race day!

I realize that we’re a day past Cinco de Mayo, but I’m going for a margarita…_DSC0005Over the weekend we checked out Garcia’s in Franklin. It lived up to its rave reviews for sure. Who could criticize a two person-sized plate of sizzling fajitas?!_DSC0007Somehow we found ourselves with an oversized cup of froyo again…_DSC0022The other highlight of the weekend: picnic-worthy weather. Anthony and I lit up the grill and prepared an outdoor feast for my family and friends (see the smartphone on the table? That’s my sister, joining in from Colorado)_DSC0030Anthony was the grill master; I was the veggie master. Chicken, super-roasted carrots, and a big ole salad._DSC0033Piled high on a paper plate. _DSC0038We ended up sitting on the back porch way past sunset. Best way to close out a weekend! Now it’s time to do that run thing again. Looking for a route that’s 100% downhill…

  • Do you have a grill? How often do you use it?
  • Strategies for tackling hills?

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8 thoughts on “hills for breakfast; BBQ, froyo, fajitas, margaritas, etc. for dinner

  1. Looks like a pretty great day to me! Hills are a killer, but such a great workout. I use them at the start of every new segment of training. You have to be smart about not going up the first few too fast. I had my first fro-yo of the year last weekend, soooooo good! You have so many good eats!

  2. There is a whole lot of awesome in this post! My favorite froyo toppings depend on the flavor of froyo I choose but I typically go towards the chocolate, obviously 😉

  3. Oh my that meal looks amazing! Perfect summery meal! My favorite saying for hills is claw the hill. The last half I did was hilly and I knew it was so me and my friends all wrote in our hands claw the hill and every time there was a hill we would look at that. It helped!

  4. We grill more than we cook inside. I love it!

    PS – We had roasted rainbow carrots the other day. They are SO good.

    Also – I am giving away a free entry to the Williamsburg Half Marathon on my blog. I know you used to be in this area so if you know anybody who may be interested please feel free to send them my way. Giveaway ends on Friday.