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joining the nashville food bloggers @ patrick’s bistreaux

Sun’s up!IMG_2978and I’m actually still in my pajamas. But yesterday I was out there! With my main squeeze.IMG_2979We covered a bit more than six miles, which included some country back roads:IMG_2980as well as big-arse houses. I hope this person has a professional window washer because that is a lot of windows.IMG_2981Overall, a good run! I was properly fueled because I ate 10 lbs. of Cajun food the night before.

With the Nashville Food Bloggers at Patrick’s Bistreaux!_DSC0045Patrick’s hosted us for an evening of maximum eating and drinking. My experiences with Creole/Cajun food are pretty limited, so I was excited to see (well, taste) what was dished out.

Up first: a crawfish cake. Super crispy on the outside, spicy and soft on the inside. A sweet pepper jelly to balance it all out (and some white wine to wash it down with.) Loved the textures here!_DSC0054Second: New Orleans BBQ shrimp — served atop the softest, soggiest (in a good way) Leindenheimer bread and topped with lemon, green onions, and cilantro. _DSC0047This was a favorite among a lot of us — just the right amount of spice, with a touch of creaminess!

We cleared our mini-sized plates and enjoyed our next mini-sized course out of (mini-sized!) brown paper bags. House-made chips and a muffaletta. This little sammie was intense. A sweet, crispy bun filled with rich salami, ham, and swiss. Plus an olive spread that gave it muffaletta-like magic._DSC0062Some bloggers even stuffed their unfinished muffaletta bags into their purses to take home and share with their husbands! (Sorry Anthony, I ate all of mine.)

We took things to the lighter side with a hearts of palm salad after that…_DSC0065The hearts of palm were creamy and delicious, of course, but I wouldn’t rave about anything else in this dish. The lettuce was a bit warm, and the tomato a little soggy — but I’ll admit I’m a bit of a salad snob so that’s okay.

Then we made way for a trio of spicy, rice-y goodness. Red jambalaya, beans + rice, and crawfish etoufee._DSC0070I’d never tried etoufee before! It was spicy and creamy, but not in a heavy cream-based or overly buttered way. My neighbor — Aly, blogger and personal chef at Backyard to Ballroom — explained to me that the trick is in the roux.

Are you full yet? I was too, but had to keep going. This blogging stuff is tough work.

Artichoke ravioli — with an interesting touch of pistachio and ginger._DSC0075And lastly (but not really lastly, because there’s still dessert….) another favorite of the night: chicken breaux bridge with dirty rice._DSC0080We started losing the lovely sunlight at this point, so this dish didn’t photograph as well — but trust me, it was one of the best ones on the menu! The meat was lightly battered, super tender, and topped with a smoky, slightly spicy sauce. I could taste thyme and cayenne pepper, but not sure what other special ingredients were in this one… I wish I had the recipe to re-create it, though!

And finally. Dessert. Ever tried a swamp pop praline float? It’s like a root beer float taken to the next level._DSC0099The event organizer — Beth of eat.drink.smile — and restaurant owner Patrick did a great job of hosting us! They gave a few final words (with quickly moving arms!)_DSC0092and gave one last toast to a delicious evening._DSC0095SO fun eating eight plates of Cajun food and meeting other local bloggers! Patrick’s, I’ll be back for more :)

  • Favorite Cajun/Creole dish?
  • Are you a “snob” about a certain food?
  • Do you run on the sidewalks or on the road?

12 thoughts on “joining the nashville food bloggers @ patrick’s bistreaux

  1. Mary, I wanna live your life! It looks so amazing! So many beautiful runs and good food! I am jealous! I love Nashville, hope to spend more time there in the future! Have fun :)

  2. This food makes me miss home! Have you tried authentic New Orleans jambalaya? Because I’m convinced that they can’t make it right anywhere else. MAYBE they can make etouffee in Nashville, but I can’t hold my breath for the jambalaya. Everything else looks fabulous!

    • i haven’t tried it in NOLA, so i can’t say that this one was authentic or not! i will say that the chef is from new orleans though :)