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i like: boring workouts, beef, and broccoli

Friday!!!!! I’m not running at all today but can still share yesterday’s sunrise:IMG_2994I saw it from my old high school track! Seven 1000m dashes plus some blazing heat left me pretty pooped.IMG_2996I recently read this article about changing up track workouts by doing a “mixed bag” of different distances and rest periods during a single workout, but most of the routines my coach gives me are straight up repeats. In some ways, I think I actually like a nice set of solid repeats. Even though it’s sort of boring, it’s the best way to make each rep fairly compete with the last. You know?

Is this the number two, or a very round question mark?IMG_2995Anyways, one last running-related article: have you guys seen the latest mess with Vibrams? I’ve never worn them because I think they’re ugly, but I’ve always been curious how they feel…

and I can’t think of a creative way to introduce this beef and broccoli right now.  So here it is._DSC0103We’re throwing together all sorts of creative/new meals at my house right now because we’re cleaning out my mom’s pantry. Did I mention that my parents are moving in a few days?! (In case you missed the story, Anthony and I moved to Nashville and are staying with my parents until our house is ready)

My mom invented this recipe in her head and it tasted awesome. Plus the weather felt awesome and we have no kitchen table at the moment, so we ate on the patio :)_DSC0105And saw a FROG hop right out of the table’s base! Ahhh!PART951399596472323952014050895194618
And those are all of the important updates I have for you today. Enjoy your weekend!

  • Do rodents/frogs/bugs give you the creeps?
  • Track workouts: Single repeats or mixed bag?
  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend?!


4 thoughts on “i like: boring workouts, beef, and broccoli

  1. You always have such wonderful photos! And you see the best sunrises! I usually see them from the corner of my eye as I toss and turn trying to go back to sleep! I keep getting told by my coach that I need more sleep, and I need to recover better if I want to reach the level to which I can get that GB jersey….but I just cant sleep!!!!

    I do lots of track workouts, some single, such as 24×400 (hows that for a killer), and others are mixed like 1600, 1200, 800, 600, 400, 200. Great to see you out on the track :) Enjoy your rest day today!

  2. Frogs/toads are ok and some insects but if it were a rat I would have been freaked out.

    I try to run 5 times a week-my goal is 5 miles every time but it sometimes turns out to be 3 or 4 depending how I’m feeling physically.

    Going to my cousin’s house for fajitas this weekend!