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hot run, teal couch, big brunch (weekend recap)

Hey there! How was your weekend? Ours kicked off with a visit to our nearly-finished home…_DSC0006
It’s coming along — we’re less than a month away from moving in! Anthony and I can’t wait to have all of our stuff back (did you know 75% of my things are in a storage unit in some random spot in Virginia?) and live in a real house. It’ll be a huge difference from our little DC apartment._DSC0007Since move-in day is getting close, we’re starting to order furniture and appliances for the casa. We (okay, I) decided to kick off our shopping spree by buying a new couch. In teal.IMG_3016After we ordered this bad boy, we dove into appliances shopping and picked up some awesome deals on a washer, dryer, and fridge. Tip: go to the store and buy the display models for 40-60% off. Also thank you for everyone’s input on the appliances polls I’ve been taking lately — we went with a front-loader. BIG NEWS.

Oh yeah, this is a running blog right?IMG_3027After I convinced Anthony to buy a teal couch, I convinced him to run 9.5 miles in 87-degree heat. He is a good sport.IMG_3024The hot sun made this run pretty tough. By the last few miles I was a sweaty, slow mess.IMG_3029Don’t worry, I dodged the approaching car.IMG_3026Done! Not bad considering we thought we might melt into the pavement.IMG_3030Luckily the hope of a massive Mother’s Day brunch kept us going._DSC0062My brother and sister-in-law (in charge of the savory foods) whipped up some eggs benedict and perfectly flipped hashbrowns:_DSC0040Anthony and I (in charge of the sweet foods) made this date/walnut bread. It was really good!_DSC0054All together, with some fruit for good measure:_DSC0067I think my mom was pretty happy.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Have a great week!

  • What did you do for Mother’s Day?
  • Tips for getting good deals on furniture/appliances?
  • What was your run like this weekend?


11 thoughts on “hot run, teal couch, big brunch (weekend recap)

  1. Ahhhh how exciting Mary! I am so jealous! This will be such a beautiful journey for you!

    My runs this weekend went well, yesterday I had a shorter long run of 14 miles with an old friend who I have not seen for years which was lovely. And on Saturday, I felt so easy running my recovery pace at 7:00 pace for 9 miles….so hopefully that is a good omen for next weeks half marathon!

  2. That’s an awesome pace for that sort of heat! For mother’s day we went to the Beacon Bar and Grill in DC. It wasn’t anything too special, especially for the price, but we had a good time with each other.

    • anthony and i went to beacon a while back and found it extremely disappointing! haha. glad you had fun anyways!

      • It had some interesting dishes….kale and quinoa, chickpea salad, coleslaw. Pretty good for those of us who can’t have wheat…..but it just wasn’t that good of quality. Oh well. Can’t win them all.

  3. Looks like a fun and fabulous weekend! That brunch looks quite tasty! Good luck with the house and keep up the awesome running.

    • thanks, lady! what are you training for these days and are you headed to fitbloggin savannah?! :)