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my last suburban run + some more sushi

Hi hi!IMG_3031Yesterday I set out for my LAST run in my parents’ neighborhood! (In case you missed it, we moved from DC to Nashville and stayed with my parents. Then they sold their house super fast and now we’re moving to a hotel until we can move into our new house! Phew.)

It was quiet and a lot cooler than my scorching weekend run.IMG_3037Seven easy miles done before the craziness of commuting, working, packing, and moving began — that’s how I like to start my day!IMG_3033And if possible, I would always end it with SUSHI._DSC0079After our last awesome experience at Shiki Sushi in Franklin, we had to go back for more. This little restaurant meets all of our needs: fast, fresh, and inexpensive (for sushi, at least). Plus the servers are super nice!

I clearly was craving some of the crazy deep-fried stuff on the menu…_DSC0080Which my family and I all shared and swapped around until we were so full they had to roll us, Maki-style, out of the restaurant._DSC0078Matching shirts and a hand-painted sushi sign. This is going to be framed and displayed with our wedding photos._DSC0070Have a spectacular day!

  • Sushi: crazy rolls or traditional rolls?
  • Longest you’ve ever stayed in a hotel?
  • Tell me about your run today!

9 thoughts on “my last suburban run + some more sushi

  1. Love that two track trail! Those are my favorite kind of runs….other than being in the woods :) Sushi looks like the perfect way to end the day! Agreed!

    My run yesterday was a bit blah, I am hoping I feel better by the race this weekend, as I just felt tired yesterday, but hopefully it was partly the heat, and partly the taper. I really really want to run a huge PR this weekend!

  2. Haha I always eat wayyy too much at all you can eat sushi places. I usually like to stick with the traditional rolls. There’s this one place that I go to and they include banana and strawberry in some of their crazy rolls. blech,

  3. I only eat shrimp/kani sushi but I like creativity!

    I’ve never been in a live-in hotel situation, I think the longest I’ve ever been in one was 10 days-ish in the Carribean Beach Resort at Disney World. Not a bad place to do it, lol.

    I ran 3 miles today, was hoping for 5 but my left hip just wasn’t having it. Wrapped up the hour on the cross trainer instead.

  4. That’s a lot of moving. Good luck with it all. We lived in a furnished apartment for 4-5 weeks when we first moved to the Denver area. It had its pros and cons. Haha.

  5. I’m loving all your clear pics. Looks like you use a decent camera? I’ve become lazy and put down my Nikkon and just use my smart phone. Anyway, glad I found your blog. Congrats on moving into a new house, hopefully you won’t be in the hotel for too long. My friends live in Bean Station a few hours (3 I think) from Nashville. There blogs are lifeingraceblog.com and findingserendipity.com Love those girls! You should check out their blogs. Good to ‘meet’ you! Jess


    • Thank you! Yes, I carry a DSLR sometimes and am always glad when I do :). Checking out those blogs!