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it’s really hot outside.

It almost hit 90 degrees yesterday. The good news about this weather: the evenings are perfect for grilling up some burgers and dining on the porch._DSC0002The bad news: It’s so steamy that my diva sunglasses fog up with all of the sweat and humidity. Nice.IMG_3043Let’s start with the run, shall we? (More burgers at the end, I promise!)

Anthony came with me to the track and jogged around while I tackled two two-mile reps. Each set was loooong and tough, but I got through ’em!IMG_3038For the first trial, I checked my splits every 0.5 miles — shooting for a 6:55 mile pace. For the second rep, I thought I might need a little more motivation, so I checked my splits every 0.25 miles. Not sure if that really worked, but at least it made the laps seem different! It’s all about the mind games, you guys.IMG_3039I was also motivated by a local track group that was running around with me. Always good to have a few other (but not too many!) track stars beside you.

Okay. Here’s the burger._DSC0003We celebrated our last two nights at my parents’ house with some awesome outdoor dining (actually we were forced to, since the kitchen table had been packed! :) )On our last night we had these yummy burgers…_DSC0004And the night before, we sat outside with a feast of leftovers and smoked brisket. _DSC0038I hope you notice all of the colorful, crazy disposable plates and napkins my mom had on hand! I think the one below is from Easter 2010 and the blue one above is (no kidding!) from my 2006 high school graduation!_DSC0037For both occasions, I was in charge of the salads. I’m not going to name every ingredient in this salad — there has to be more than 10 — but let’s just say that bacon is involved._DSC0031Now it’s time for a run. It’s storming outside, so I’ll be forced to take it to the treadmill — but I’m hoping that the rain will cool this city down!!

  • Do you have a patio/porch — and if so, do you use it often?
  • Do you hang onto old things, or toss them out?
  • What was your last speed workout?

6 thoughts on “it’s really hot outside.

  1. Yuck, it was 90 degrees and humid yesterday. Thankfully it’s like 60 degrees and humid today.

    I have a deck, but don’t use it that often. I did have breakfast out there today, though

  2. My last speed workout was on Easter…..and that was my first one in a long time. I was just thinking today that I need to get back to a track. It’s so weird, but none of the schools in southern MD have tracks at them (country! lol). I was told the naval base has one though. Must go exploring soon.

  3. I live for the warm months! We have a deck, patio, fire pit, etc and basically live outdoors once the temps warm up. The best part about the summe months is being able to grill (or at least way) outside – I’m having lunch on the deck as I type!

    Unfortunate though, with grilling weather comes hot, hazy, humid summer weather which makes running that much more of a chore (although after this winter I promise I’m not complaining!). I’m training with a group for a 5k/10k coming up in June and we just did 400m repeats. I used to have a fear of speed work (thank you, high school gym class, for making the track seem like a torture device…) but actually really love it now. And after training for a half last year, 5k speed work feels like a breeze.