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life lessons from my hotel and car

We’re living in a hotel! I will say that it’s “cozy” and “vintage” and that this should be an interesting little three-week adventure.

Our first night (Tuesday), I tried to make things a little more home-y by cooking up a “romantic” dinner._DSC0010We have limited cooking appliances and tools, so I stuck with something pretty simple — this veggie/chickpea/tomato recipe hit the spot! I added tofu and served it atop some quinoa for extra kick._DSC0012Pretty tasty! We ate to the sound of rain and thunder (and my Shakira pandora station), which continued through the night and all day yesterday (the rain, not Shakira). I was forced to take my run inside. I don’t know what I’m doing in this photo.IMG_3055I was supposed to run for 60 minutes, but we were running late so 40 minutes it was. That’s life.

Then, after work, I got a flat tire in the rain. That is also life.IMG_3057Luckily I married an auto expert who came to the rescue! New tire fixed and car rollin’ again. Bam.IMG_3059
After that little adventure, what we needed was wine and cheesy bread. Our family friends know how to treat us right.IMG_3061What a day.

And lastly, don’t forget to vote today for big races or small town ones.I would have voted small town in the past, but recently I’ve enjoyed the big ones. So controversial!

  • Big or small races?
  • Last time you got a flat tire?
  • Life lesson you’d like to share?

12 thoughts on “life lessons from my hotel and car

  1. I got a flat last fall (for some reason the air was slowly leaking out of a tire) and I pumped it back up with a bike pump! Took forever, but at least I didn’t have to break out the spare. I am not entirely sure how to change a flat, but I know in theory.

  2. Awww that is so freaking cute that you had a hotel made romantic dinner!!!! I also have an automotive other half….which is very handy! I think I am a big time race girl….I like having lots of guys to race :)

  3. Is that your wedding bouquet dried? How does it look?! I think I like big races more, but it changes after I do each race so maybe I just like races. I’ve never gotten a flat tire on my car (knock on wood), but I’ve changed them on others and lots of bike tires! I think the last time I got a flat bike tire was biking to Annapolis sometime last year. Tomorrow is bike to work day, you should plan accordingly! This comment is quickly turning into a bicycle psa. At this point I will say if we all biked to work everyday everyone would be 100% healthier. This is based on years of research, I promise.

    • GO BIKES! yes those are my wedding flowers :) they’re pretty but super fragile so we have to hand carry them everywhere

  4. The romantic hotel dinner is pretty cute.
    I got a flat in college at 11pm while driving back to my apartment from a meeting, and my 3 roommates and I were determined to fix it ourselves. We got the tire off but then the jack got stuck, so we left it in the parking lot overnight raised up on a broken jack with no tire. The next day, we found the nearest boy to fix it for us. ha

    • haha so funny. yeah i considered trying to fix it myself… but then decided to sit in my car and watch the rain for a half hour instead while i waited for anthony

  5. I hit a granite curb on Sunday when trying to park on a side street for a graduation ceremony. My sister was horrified b/c she’s busted a lot of tires that way but mine turned out ok. We took it to Sams Club (where I bought the tires) and they checked it out for free (thanks warantee!). But still overall pretty stressful. Glad it worked out ok.

  6. Big races! Btw, you look so much like the actress Charity Wakefield! I was watching sense and sensibility and you look a lot like her to me!