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Hi, and happy Friday! My brain is mush right now, so I’m putting category markers in this post to keep my random thoughts somewhat organized…

Where I’m running:
I discovered a new trail yesterday. It’s gorgeous.IMG_3071I got a little carried away on my run and covered close to 8 miles. I was just feelin’ it!IMG_3066PLUS mother nature must have read my post about it being too hot, because the temperature dropped to a crisp 60ish degrees.IMG_3069All in all, it was a happy run.

What I’m eating:
This Santa Fe chicken wrap from M Market. It was fresh, spicy, and oh so delicious.IMG_3073My parents came to join me for lunch yesterday after they officially closed on their house! We celebrated (and then went to the auto shop to fix my flat tire). Oh, and we also saw Vince Vaughn walking by the restaurant outside. ?!

What I’m thinking:
I’d really like to make this quinoa salad. Has anyone tried red quinoa? Does it taste different than the normal brown kind?

Also, I’ve got a fall marathon on the brain. Any recommendations for good races in the South? I’m thinking Louisville, Chattanooga, or Atlanta

What I’m drinking:
We found ourselves at Drake’s again last night. It’s safe to say we’re regulars now.IMG_3076That’s all I’ve got, guys! Have a great weekend!

  • Red quinoa vs. brown?
  • Southern marathon recommendations?
  • Are you a “regular” at a local bar?

8 thoughts on “the latest run/eats/thoughts/drinks

    • december… so far away! we did disney in january a few years ago and it was pretty good. florida is so flat with great weather too

  1. Little rock, Arkansas!! You will get the biggest medal in the country and loads of southern hospitality! :)

    • hmm, handn’t thought of that yet. looks like it’s a 5 hr drive from nashville. i’m going to look into it! thanks!

  2. What a pretty running trail! I have tried red quinoa and I don’t think it tastes very different, but my Mom is convinced it’s more grainy. I wish we had a local craft pub in town then I would definitely be a regular :)