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adventures in winchester, TN {weekend recap}

Hi and happy Monday! Let’s pretend it’s still the weekend, and I’m still eating a giant tray of stadium food.IMG_3085Anthony and I kicked off the weekend by joining some friends at a Nasvhille Sounds baseball game! IMG_3086They lost but it was fun to be outside anyways.IMG_3087After the game (okay, after we got bored in inning 5), we hopped in the car and drove 1.5 hours to Winchester, Tennessee. My parents have a house on the lake there, and it’s super relaxing.

Even though it was way too cold (like 50 degrees! what?!!) to get in the lake, we found plenty of stuff to keep us busy. Like playing poker,IMG_3095stopping at strawberry trucks,_DSC0018eating a gallon of strawberries,_DSC0025and seeing Godzilla._DSC0058We also did some antique shopping. Winchester is a small town with some big piles of old stuff._DSC0054We spent hours digging through old books, furniture, figurines, plates, paintings — you name it, they had it._DSC0056In the end we scored some really neat bookends, some prints, and a few other things — all for under $20! I like it.

Another cheap steal: Big Marv’s BBQ. This place makes some seriously good pulled pork!_DSC0045We even met Big Marv, who told us we had to order the chicken. So we did._DSC0040This sign spoke to my heart…_DSC0038Banana pudding without Nilla wafers is wrong. Marv makes it just right._DSC0047Anthony and I took an afternoon walk once the rain finally stopped.IMG_3089and then woke up on Sunday morning for a RUN!IMG_3097Cool, crisp air form the previous day’s rain made the weather just right.IMG_3096We covered about 11 miles — but I’ll never know for sure, because the trees are so thick on this trail that my GPS loses its satellites!IMG_3109One last thought from yesterday, and then it’s time to go.IMG_3092
Hope you had a good weekend, too!

  • Smallest town you’ve ever visited?
  • Banana pudding: yay or nay?
  • Did you run/race this weekend? Tell me about it!

7 thoughts on “adventures in winchester, TN {weekend recap}

  1. Smallest town I’ve visited in recent memory is Baker, CA with a population of 735. I’m sure I’ve been to smaller towns on a cross-country road trip I took when I was young, but I forget.

  2. I paced my friend for the Marine Corp Half Marathon. It’s the 6th year I’ve ran it. It’s always a really well put together race. The next half I’m actually racing for time is on June 1st.