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track + a taste of Sunset Grill

Morning!!!!! Do extra exclamation points help you get more excited about Wednesday? It’s sort of working for me…IMG_3134Anyways, rewind to Tuesday. Tuesday at the track.IMG_3137I did one long and incredibly difficult three-mile rep. The goal pace was 6:55 per mile — which I achieved for mile 1, and missed a little in miles 2 and 3. Oh well! I gave myself an A for… Almost made it?IMG_3136Hopefully the workout helped me get race-ready for my 5k this weekend! :)

Although my run might have been a little less successful than I’d hoped for, dinner rocked my socks off. (Does anyone still use that phrase?) I joined the Nashville Food Bloggers at Sunset Grill for a feast!_DSC0034I started the evening off strong. This Belle Meade cocktail (bourbon, muddled cherries, balsamic vinegar (?!), orange bitters, and simple syrup) was pretty serious on the bourbon front.sunset_grill_nashville_DSC0019Not that I had trouble finishing it of course._DSC0031
The FOOD! After the Sunset Grill owner Randy Rayburn spoke with his head chef about all the local and regional foods Sunset sources, I decided to try the cheese plate — which featured bleu cheese from Thomasville GA, nickajack cheese from Chattanooga TN, and gouda from Lexington KY. sunset_grill_nashville_DSC0030The cheese was delicious, but real star of the pre-dinner show, was these cheddar corn biscuits! Served with apple butter (literally, apple pieces mixed in creamy butter.)sunset_grill_nashville_DSC0027My neighbors — Lindsay from Love and Olive Oil, and Phillip from Southern Fatty — and I shared and swapped to get a little taste of everything.

Then it was time for the main event!sunset_grill_nashville_DSC0040Our knowledgeable waiter recommended I go for the corvina. I’d never tried this fish before, but was glad I gave it a shot! It was buttery, meaty, and perfectly grilled.

Topped with a spicy-sweet peach barbecue sauce, paired with a nutty cabbage slaw, and served over herby rice/chive pancakes. sunset_grill_nashville_DSC0037I was more than stuffed and happy by this point.

But I have an extra stomach for dessert. Everyone shared this sweet lineup!sunset_grill_nashville_DSC0047Bread pudding stole my heart, though the smoky bacon cookies were a close second :) Thanks for organizing this, Nashville Food Bloggers + Sunset Grill!

If the plate of dessert didn’t make you happy, here are some extra exclamation points to get your day going. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Strangest dish you’ve ever put bacon in?
  • Longest track rep you’ve ever ran?
  • If you had to eat one type of cheese for the rest of your life, what would it be?

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Sunset Grill on Urbanspoon

13 thoughts on “track + a taste of Sunset Grill

  1. I love exclamation points, so I am right there with you! Do not worry about your workout, 3 miles on a track is TOUGH, especially alone…which I am assuming you were? Those eats look to die for! YUM!!!! I went for some pancakes after the brooklyn half and they were the best pancakes I have ever had IN MY LIFE! I asked my waiter for the recipe, and he gave them to me as I did so well in the race!!! SCORE!

  2. This inspires me to run more! Maybe. We’ll see :)

    It was so nice meeting you last night! I hope to see you at the next event!!!!! (I threw in some !!!’s of my own)