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no news, good news

Let’s start this post with a big cone of frozen yogurt._DSC0065Usually Anthony and I go for one shared cup, but we had a coupon last night for buy one, get one (known as BOGO among me and other extreme coupon-ers) so a cup and a cone it was! It’s the little things in life._DSC0069I was super happy because 1) Anthony’s back in town (he’d been in Indianapolis for the past three days); 2) I was eating froyo, duh; and 3) I saw a sign for my upcoming 5k inside the shop!_DSC0063I’m not sure what my goal is quite yet, but I’d love to break 21 minutes and beat my PR from last year. I think 5ks are pretty tough, though — each mile is so important, and you don’t have time to make up for any slow moments.

Until race day, I’m taking it nice and easy on my runs yesterday and today.IMG_3146The weather is definitely warming up here — even though I was out well before 7 am, I was still a sweaty mess!

Have you ever run over train tracks? This might have been a first for me.IMG_3147Around mile 5 I got a text message from Miriam, my longtime DC running pal. It was sort of like we were back out there together ;).IMG_3149And that’s pretty much it, guys. No news (other than the amazing, headline-worthy cup/cone event) is good news, right?

  • Cup or cone?
  • Have you ever run/walked over train tracks?
  • Are you racing this weekend?!

5 thoughts on “no news, good news

  1. running on train tracks reminds me of rocky…..a lot of stuff seems to remind me of rocky….I am going to blame living in Philadelphia rather than a weird obsession with a strange man.

    I had soft serve ice cream out last night too, was deeeelliiccciious!

  2. Beautiful scenery!
    I am a cup person when it comes to froyo. I feel like I get more toppings that way. However, if I do ice cream it depends on my mood.. sometimes a waffle cone is the key to my heart.