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a high dew point run and vegetarian dinner

It’s Friday! What are your plans for the weekend? I’ve got a 5k, a lake trip, and hopefully another easy run on this trail on the agenda.IMG_3156Yesterday the air was super thick (for all my fellow weather nerds, the dew point hit 72 degrees) which is why I could only half-smile in this photo. Random fashion tip: If you’re ever in Australia, buy some Lorna Jane gear. It’s sort of like Lululemon (before Lulu got so controversial and starting making shred-tastic and see-through pants). Super cute and really quality stuff!IMG_3153Anyways, back to the weather. See how heavy those clouds are?!IMG_3155I found this strange Australian man in the woods.IMG_3157so I asked him to dinner! He couldn’t even muster up a half smile but I promise he was happy…_DSC0074And a bit curious! We’d heard good things about The Wild Cow‘s vegan/vegetarian dishes so decided to give this place a try.

We started off with the cashew dip. Have you guys heard of the thing where you soak cashews in water and then blend them up to make dip/”cheese”?wild_cow_east_nashville_DSC0078We thought it was pretty tasty. Sort of like hummus.

Moving on to the main event! Our waitress sold me on the seitan tacos.wild_cow_east_nashville_DSC0081Seitan is sort of nutty and meaty? And if you cover it in ranch and chipotle sauce, it tastes awesome.wild_cow_east_nashville_DSC0079Anthony got the black bean burger, and was also impressed. Way to go, Wild Cow — you turned our above-pictured frowns upside down.

Have a lovely weekend!

  • Ever made or tried cashew dip/”cheese”?
  • Are you vegan? vegetarian? gluten-free? dairy-free? fancy free?
  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

The Wild Cow on Urbanspoon:
The Wild Cow on Urbanspoon

6 thoughts on “a high dew point run and vegetarian dinner

  1. Hi dew points are not fun! I am heading to Florida next week, so I will be having lots of those, makes running a little less fun! Those tacos look INCREDIBLE! Yum! Have an amazing weekend!

  2. That food looks amazing! I’m moving to North Carolina in two months with my husband and I’m sure I will encounter some crazy high dew points that I’ll have to attempt to run through.

    I’m definitely not vegan or vegetarian (bacon = awesome) but I enjoy a ‘meatless monday’ every so often.

    This weekend I hope to relax by the pool (the one in our apartment complex opens this weekend!!) and maybe get a little shopping done!