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lounging lakeside

Greetings from Tim’s Ford Lake!IMG_3200Anthony and I drove here on Saturday after my 5k (recap coming later!). The trip is about 70 miles from Nashville — and our electric car made it the entire way! :)IMG_3176-001We’re staying with my parents at their house on the water. It’s been pretty tough times. (Yes, that’s a portable wine glass tumbler with lid)IMG_3191We’ve spent most of our time lounging on the water…IMG_3190soaking up the sun…IMG_3194and sipping one too many cocktails…tequila_sunrise_DSC0005BUT we did make it out for a run, too!IMG_3183Anthony and I covered 5-6 miles yesterday with some speed work mixed in. It was a sweaty one, for sure.IMG_3187Felt really good to get the legs moving, though. Still a bit sore from the race!IMG_3185I also got a nice upper body workout thanks to holding this 13-pound bundle of joy._DSC0071My brother and his fam joined us for the long weekend, too!_DSC0065We celebrated with a big ole’ barbecue, of course. Can you guess which seat is mine? :)_DSC0069Anthony was the grill master and showed this chicken who’s boss. Tip: Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce is our #1 pick of all barbecue sauces._DSC0075I was salad master. Tomatoes, avocado, carmelized onions, and toasted pine nuts._DSC0064Ever tried grilled bread? It”ll put a smile on your face._DSC0078and so will this cocktail._DSC0050Cheers to a lovely long weekend!_DSC0052

  • Favorite cocktail?
  • What did you do over the long weekend?
  • Fresh water or salt water?

7 thoughts on “lounging lakeside

  1. The Frank and Emma picture rules! Best ever.

    Good choice on BBQ sauce. That and KC Masterpiece rate high on my list. If I can perfect my own BBQ soon. It ranks with Sweet Baby Rays IMO on my first try.