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lots of cocktails and fried food followed by a 5k

Hope you loved your long weekend as much as I did. Ours got off to a good start in Nashville, made a 5k stop in Brentwood, and then ended at the lake in Winchester!

Let’s begin at The Patterson House, where we celebrated the end of the week with cocktails galore.patterson_house_nashville_DSC0003The Patterson House has a really neat speakeasy-like vibe — everything is really dark and quiet and the bartenders wear old school outfits. They’ve got toooonnnnnns of cocktails!patterson_house_nashville_DSC0009We had friends in town visiting from New York, and it was the perfect spot to meet up! Anthony and I shared some brandy concoction to start…
And then I had a mezcal/cinnamon/sparkling thing that was also delish.patterson_house_nashville_DSC0015Then we headed over to The Row for a southern feast.the_row_nashville_DSC0020Since we had guests in town, we had to introduce them to fried food galore. Pickles anyone?the_row_nashville_DSC0023I decided that fried catfish and mac ‘n’ cheese would be a great pre-race decision.the_row_nashville_DSC0027Anthony kept it classic with a bigger-than-your-head burger.the_row_nashville_DSC0035Both were pretty good!

A few hours of sleep and a couple cups of coffee later, I was at the starting line of the Beyond the Battlefield 5k. I showed up about 10 minutes before the race started and almost didn’t get my bib in time! But luckily it all worked out. Small races are the best.20140524_070004Here we go!!!20140524_0702455ks are sooo tough because it’s basically a sprint the entire way. I tried not to think at all and not look at my watch at all while I was running — and just focus on going faster, faster, faster!!

By the start of mile 2, there was just one woman ahead of me. I tried to focus on passing her, but she was a good 40 seconds ahead of me by the end of the mile! So then I just tried to keep her in sight and run my hardest.

(Not the most scenic route — but at least it was flat!)20140524_071219At the last 0.1 mile, I saw Anthony cheering for me, and also saw the woman I was chasing continue on for the 10k. I was supposed to turn right to reach the 5k finish, and almost missed it! And Anthony camptured this lovely blonde moment on camera.

I came in at 21:17 — not quite a PR, but still good enough for first place!IMG_3171Good race overall — and a great start to the weekend! Hope you had a good one, too!

  • Did you race this weekend?
  • What’s the toughest race distance for you?
  • Favorite fried food?

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  1. Congrats on placing first! I’ve never ran a 5K before. The toughest for me is the 10K because I basically go all out for over 40 minutes. I think a 5K would be similar, but over a lot quicker