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not prepared to stop

Morning! I’m sitting here drinking coffee before going out for a run, which apparently is okay because coffee doesn’t lead to dehydration.

So, how was your first day back at work/school/normal life? Mine started off with a long, hot run!IMG_3216I got out extra early so that I could see the sunrise and sneak in a few extra miles. IMG_3215I try to stick to trails as much as I can, so I did some loops around Powell Park (which is only about 1.5 miles in total). Not going to lie, I do miss the endless trail options in DC… but, anyways! I’m sure I’ll find some good trails here soon (especially when we move out of Brentwood, in only ten days!)IMG_3217-001So then I hit up some suburban streets where I did the opposite of what this sign told me to do.IMG_3219-001I didn’t stop until I hit mile 9.5. Done and done!

After a day of work, I met up with Anthony for a romantic date night at Lowe’s.IMG_3227We picked out blinds for the  THIRTY-SIX windows in our house (?!) and it was so overwhelming that we needed Mexican food immediately after.20140527_194011If every day ended with an over-sized plate of fajitas, life would be even better.

  • Tips for blind purchasing? Shutters? Cellular shades? Wood blinds? Faux wood blinds? Drapes? Roman shades? Patterns? Solids? Neutrals?!!!!
  • Do you live near a trail, or do you mostly run on the street?
  • Locals: what parks/trails do you recommend around Brentwood/Nashville?

10 thoughts on “not prepared to stop

  1. You always have such beautiful runs! I am hoping my 9 miles each day will give me enough time to find some cool running spots here in Florida!

  2. Why are there so many window options?!?
    There are two good trails around me, but I usually stick to the roads. Almost every street has a bike lane or large sidewalk though, so it’s not so bad.

    • i don’t know, this whole house thing is an endless funnel of patterns and colors and materials. it’s like wedding planning on crack!

  3. I like to run on the trails behind my house. they’re short, but it’s convenient. I had to buy my curtains over time – too overwhelming to buy them for a whole house at one time for me!

    • anthony and i are an “all or nothing” type of couple, so we went all in at once! quite an expensive impulse buy 😉

  4. I am in Southern MD and we only have one trail by me. It’s flat and straight and super boring. There are more nice ones, but they are a 40 minute drive one way. Not really ideal.