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dockside workout (no equipment needed)

Good morning!IMG_3234Lots of running on the menu lately. This summer is going to be a sweaty one!IMG_3231My periodization-inspired running schedule ramps up the running in the summer (before a fall marathon), and then focuses on strength in the winter (the “off season”). Which is fine by me, because I can take the heat but am a baby when it comes to cold.

Humidity is a different story, though. I’m not sure whether yesterday’s workout was a run or a swim.IMG_3236Luckily I had my favorite workout partner with me for all seven miles!IMG_3232Although Anthony likes running, his real strength is… strength. While we were at the lake this past weekend, he helped me design a 20-minute bootcamp-style routine that was fun, fast, and a nice change of pace from our usual running/gym schedule.2014-05-26The best part was that we got to enjoy lovely lake views while we worked up a sweat!

I even made a pretty picture of the workout in case you ever need an on-the-go, no equipment needed routine. You can also throw in other stuff like mountain climbers, sit-ups, jumping jacks, planks, etc.dockside workoutand that’s all I’ve got for you today. Have a great one!

  • Favorite no-equipment workout move?
  • Do you run with your significant other?
  • Tell me… the most exciting thing that happened to you yesterday!

5 thoughts on “dockside workout (no equipment needed)

  1. Anthony’s face in his mid-run photos are always hilarious. He never looks too pleased with the situation. I was wearing those same purple shorts this morning during my run which involved me sprinting out to move my car because I forgot that I parked it in a no parking spot after 7am and this was at 745. Thank goodness Baltimore police have other things to worry about.

  2. I also don’t mind running/ working out in the heat … especially when you can end it by some water and jump right in at the end!

  3. I can handle running in the cold like a champ, but I crash once it gets warm (um over 60). Hoping I’ll adjust to the summer temps soon!

    That workout looks fun! My favorite move is walking lunges