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jam-packed weekend, jam-packed post

Hey there! Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Friday-Sunday flew by for me — and then I literally flew to Florida late last night! I have so many photos and so little time right now. Let’s see how much I can cram into a single post…

Friday night, Anthony and I drove to Winchester to meet my parents at their lake house for a late-night dinner on funky fish plates._DSC0004My mom made some awesome shrimp/lemon/butter creation. Hit the spot!_DSC0012Also made great fuel for a 13.5-mile RUN!IMG_3257We made sure to get out before it was too hot and enjoy the shade along this trail!IMG_3258I did the first 30 minutes solo, the next 30 with Anthony, and the last 50 alone/with a turtle.IMG_3251And then we sat on the dock for about 10 hours.IMG_3262And boated while making sandwiches! Multitasking at its finest.IMG_3277The sandwiches were good, but these homemade teriyaki turkey burgers were better!_DSC0028Anthony’s burger mountain was so impressive that the camera couldn’t even get it in focus._DSC0040Saturday night things got pretty wild and crazy.IMG_3272Sunday morning champagne breakfast? Sounds good to me._DSC0058We had reason to celebrate! My parents bought a new boat and we took it on its maiden voyage._DSC0063Destination: Blue Gill Grill, for some food to go with our champagne! We love the laid-back vibe of this marina eatery._DSC0069After a few more hours on the lake, I headed to the airport to Google Hangout with these lovely ladies while I sat through a 2.5-hour flight delay.
And then the weekend finally ended and I finally made it to Florida!

  • What was the highlight of your weekend?
  • When was the last time you saw a turtle?
  • Google Hangout or Skype?!

6 thoughts on “jam-packed weekend, jam-packed post

  1. You literally live the life Mary! I LOVE it! So cool! I have never heard of google hangout! But that is awesome! I use facetime to talk to my family.

    I am taking a week off running this week, feels weird with all this time on my hands….thought you would appreciate that haha!