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i love florida parks

Hello from South Walton, Florida! I’m here on a quick work trip and have been running around this town nonstop since early Monday morning._DSC0139
Starting with an actual run of course! I discovered Topsail Hill Preserve State Park not too far from my hotel and went for a sandy, sunny jog.IMG_3287For all of my street furniture fans out there — I found a mattress!IMG_3290The sand slowed me down a bit, but I kept a good pace because it’s super flat here. Love that!IMG_3294The rest of the day held a lot more park prowling. (Did you like that alliteration?)

First up was Eden Gardens, a lovely old estate that’s been restored and turned into an awesome walking/picnic area._DSC0021Even though it was a bit overcast, this view was pretty perfect.IMG_3302I also explored Alys Beach, a picture-perfect beach neighborhood full of clean, crisp, whitewashed architecture._DSC0068As I was crossing the bridge in the background above, I befriended this kid who caught a giant fish! He was so happy (and the fish was too, because we put him back in the lake :) )_DSC0069and then I spotted some beautiful giant horses._DSC0049Explored Alys Beach’s 3/4-mile nature trail, which was full of singing birds and tall trees (and hungry mosquitos!)_DSC0057Snack time:IMG_3303Plus a ridiculous cheese, ham, cheese, cheese, and cheese sandwich from The Perfect Pig._DSC0109After all that exploring, I still had one more stop — Camp Helen state park! This park is full of historic buildings and old, wise-looking trees._DSC0155It also boasts a great view of Lake Powell.IMG_3325and lastly — a moment to sink my toes in the sand._DSC0135Time to put on some more sunscreen and head out for some final Florida adventures. See you tomorrow!

  • What parts of Florida have you been to?
  • Donuts: cream-filled or not?
  • Salt water or fresh water?


4 thoughts on “i love florida parks

  1. I just got back from Key West/Marathon/South Beach. It was so hot/humid for my runs but that flatness made it worth it. Did my first run back in Arlington last night and was cursing all the hills.