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speedy running, soggy biking, and 2 geocaches

Hey there! I made it back from the beautiful beaches of Florida…IMG_3348but made sure to get in one last run before I departed!IMG_3345I drove to Dune Allen beach to check out part of the 18-mile Timpoochee trail. It’s quite scenic — the part I chose winds around a few dune lakes.IMG_3342I started out at an easy pace but then picked it up to sub-8:00 miles around mile 6! I guess the flat Florida land and beach breeze got me moving. Though I had to slow down to get a shot of this mailbox.IMG_3334One last awesome view:IMG_3337and then back to my car after exactly 11 miles. I was proud of my route planning!IMG_3333For some reason I was craving fresh juice after my jog (probably because I haven’t eaten a vegetable in 5 days straight), so it seemed like a good time to go check out Raw and Juicy.IMG_3353
I got the “green goddess,” which had kale, celery, cucumber, apple, and lemon. Tangy but good! And apparently energizing, because later in the day I found the strength to rent a bike and ride around._DSC0191I was on a geocaching adventure. Anyone tried this before?! It’s pretty fun in a sort of dorky way. _DSC0181Since I successfully found TWO geocaches, I deserved a reward, right? The Pop Stop had a grape popsicle (made from real grapes!) with my name on it. _DSC0221Then I biked back home in the rain, drove my soggy self the airport, and sat around for a 2-hour delay! The end.

  • Favorite popsicle flavor?
  • Last time you rode a bike?
  • Ever geocached?

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