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workout of circles + boat of sushi

Hey there! It’s Thursday already?! In some ways this has been the fastest week (because I’ve been traveling since Friday), but in other ways, it’s been the slowest week (because we are waiting, waiting, waiting!!!!!!! to move in to our house on Saturday). We’re on the home stretch!

Running in circles for an hour helped pass the time.IMG_3380Yesterday evening’s (!! I know! I hate running after 6 a.m. but needed sleep) track workout was killer. 6×800, with a 3:12 goal for each rep and a 3-minute jog between reps. I was successful on the first three attempts, but the last three were small failures. All you can do at that point is ask the track gods for help.IMG_3377Anthony was also very excited about his workout.IMG_3379Ha! But really, even though we died in 85-degree heat and felt like sloths the entire run, I was still grateful to be outside and to be getting faster (in a slow, sweaty, painful way).IMG_3381After our run, there was only one thing on our mind. ?????????????????????Shiki Sushi has become a favorite of ours! And apparently they like us too because they served us a special boat.?????????????????????Which I definitely needed to get a photo with.?????????????????????Today is going to be smooth sailing. Have a good one!

  • Do you go to the same restaurant all the time, or try new ones?
  • Toughest track workout you’ve done?
  • Are you a morning or evening runner?

7 thoughts on “workout of circles + boat of sushi

  1. Hi, I’ve been lurking on your blog for a few months now (sorry, that sounds super creepy) so I SHOULD know the answer to this but… do you work with a coach? How do you come up with your workouts? I do similar workouts as you (speed, repeats, etc.) once a week with a running group but I want to start doing them more often and thought you might have some helpful insight on where to look!

    Thank you!

  2. Oh my that sushi boat looks so amazing! Yummy! I have to say, I’m not really specifically a morning or evening runner. I really like both and usually just go with what works better for my schedule. Sometimes it’s nice to sleep in and sometimes it’s nice to get it out of the way. I think long runs are best done in the morning though!

  3. I vow to get back to the track next week. In the past year I’ve been about….oh…once. lol.

    I cannot work out in the afternoon. Just can’t. I have no motivation. That’s what makes getting to the track so hard for me. I told me daughter we’re going on Wednesday though, so I know she’ll hold me too it.