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let’s talk about sandwiches, superpowers, and this summer

This turtle says, “Happy Friday!”IMG_3387He popped out to say hi yesterday on our run. Anthony joined me for about seven miles.IMG_3382We were feeling pretty tired (and sweaty — dew point of 72!) after the previous evening’s track workout, so took it nice and slow.IMG_3383-001Since we are MOVING tomorrow (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!), this was our last run on this trail. It was good to us, but I’m ready to move on!!!

Speaking of moving on, I reached the end of a training phase with my coach, told him that I’m taking a break for now. We’ve dedicated most of our cash at the moment to our new house, cars, furniture, etc., so splurging on a running coach (in addition to all the money I blow on races!) isn’t really in the budget.

BUT I’ll still be training hard — and using all the awesome information I learned from him to hopefully get faster and fitter for my next race! I’m planning on using my workouts from last summer’s marathon training as a base for determining this summer’s plan. Let’s see how it goes!

In other news, here’s the question of the day for you: If you could have a superpower, what would it be? We saw X-men last night and it got me thinking…I think I’d go with what Raven/Mystique had — being able to morph into anyone. I’d be Rihanna for a day and then probably travel across the world (for free, because I would morph into a flight attendant) speaking every language. Anthony says he would be Nightcrawler, who apparently can teleport. So I guess I wouldn’t have the stress of sneaking him onto the plane with me. Win-win!

Well that was random. Anyways, the point of the story is that we went to Whole Foods before the movie and had awesome sandwiches._DSC0011… and picked out one too many mini cookies from the bakery to sneak into the theater with us._DSC0002And that’s a wrap. Time to finish off the week, pack up our stuff, and move into a permanent residence for the first time in 2.5 months! :) :) :) :)

  • Last time you moved?
  • If you could only buy one thing at Whole Foods (which is impossible, I realize), what would it be?
  • What superpower would you have?!!!


6 thoughts on “let’s talk about sandwiches, superpowers, and this summer

  1. I moved in August. From Dale City to Southern MD. Not to bad.
    If you don’t mind me asking, how much did a running coach cost you? I’d love to get one, but I don’t know how much is reasonable.

  2. mine broke down to about $70/month, which is pretty on par for personal trainers/coaches/etc. in the DC area i think

  3. Yeah for moving to your first house (exciting!!!) and yeah for super powers! I would fly – it would help me PR especially. :)

  4. I would definitely fly! I think that’s one of the reasons I like runnig so much. Check out this quote I found on pinterest by Paul Richardson: ” when you walk, one foot is always on the ground. When you run, most of the time you are actually airborne. For example, a 6 foot runner with feet about 1 foot long was found to take 1,250 steps while running a 8 minute mile. Thus, by covering 1 mile- 5,280 feet, he was in touch with the ground for 1,250 feet and airborne for 4,030 feet. Put in another way, he was in the air for 76% of the time. So, don’t think of it as a 10 mile run- think of it as 7 miles of flying!
    Isn’t that soooo cool??? :)

  5. I am moving on Thursday AHHHHH! Taking my stuff 12 hours across the country….scary stuff! I hope your move goes well Mary :) Cant wait to see all your new exploring runs :) I am starting my training for Chicago as of today….wooooohoooo!