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we’re home

Hi there! How was your weekend?
Ours was the best because we bought a house. It is so, so nice to finally have a home!!IMG_3407
The whole house-buying experience was exciting, exhausting, fun, and stressful all at the same time. We were pretty relieved to finally get the keys on Friday.
In addition to scoring an entire house, our realtor gave us a gift card to Jeni’s ice cream which we cashed in immediately._DSC0032One of our three scoops was brown butter almond flavored. Anthony and I are usually good at sharing, but in this case I had to take charge…

On Saturday I woke up way too early to get some miles in with the PR Bandits!IMG_3410For the first three miles, I ran with a trio of guys who pushed the pace pretty hard — and then I dropped back to share the next seven miles with two women closer to my pace. I love how running forever gives you the opportunity to really get to know people.IMG_3413After ten with the group, I covered 4.5 on my own, coming in right at two hours!IMG_3414And my second workout was two days of  boxes. With lots of takeout along the way!IMG_3415Luckily my family pitched in to help us haul and unpack all of our stuff. My 4-month old niece handled most of the heavy lifting.IMG_3418By Sunday night we’d made pretty good progress and decided to reward ourselves with a home-grilled meal (yes, we finally have a real grill and a patio to put it on!)_DSC0037Even though we still have a small mountain of boxes to unpack, we’re pretty happy to be home.

See you tomorrow!

  • Do you own or rent your living space?
  • Tips for grilling?
  • Do you typically run with men or with women?

11 thoughts on “we’re home

  1. Mary I’m very concerned that you finished your two hour run at 5:45am. I sincerely hope that you, at the very least, started your two hour run at 5:45am. Actually I’m concerned either way. Congrats on the house too, I suppose.

  2. Congrats on the move!
    And congrats on your ability to share ice cream in the first place. I tried that once, and I couldn’t do it.

  3. I can’t WAIT to buy our first house. We don’t know what city we’ll be in by then though, so we’re stuck renting until we can figure out the rest of our life together. It sucks, but it’s nice being on a month-to-month with our landlord. We can move out whenever it feels right. But congrats to you! :)