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Good morning from East Nashville!IMG_3434I went on a longer run yesterday morning to explore more of my new ‘hood. It was another humid one (though I guess this is the norm here, so I should stop complaining about it) but a good one. I made it to Shelby Park for the sunrise!IMG_3436I took it really  easy yesterday, just trying to enjoy being outside and not worry about how slow I was going up the major hills around the park. See what I mean?!Capture2342How cool is this mailbox? One of my many to-do items for our new house is to get a funky mailbox too :)IMG_34329.5 miles done and done! I wanted to hit 10, but then ran out of time. Oh well!IMG_3435More on the running front: Runner’s World wrote about a recent study on marathon nutrition. A bunch of researchers took 14 runners of the same fitness level (I know, small sample size…) and had half of them do whatever they felt like nutrition-wise during a marathon, and the other half follow a very specific glucose/water/sodium/caffeine schedule before and during the race. Guess who came in about 10 minutes faster, on average? The second group.

Pretty interesting, right? In my more recent marathons (after I bonked out from dehydration at a marathon a couple years ago), I’ve followed a semi-rigid gel schedule where I take one after the first 45 minutes, and then another one every 30-40 minutes after that (about 4-5 gels total) — plus water and/or Gatorade at just about every stop. In the study, the second group drank THREE CUPS of water every hour, and like 9 gels total, which seems like a lot to me.

What do you guys do in terms of fuel strategy before/during a marathon?

Anyways, speaking of nutrition… here’s a giant beer…the_pharmacy_burger_nashville_DSC0017and a giant burger!the pharmacy nashville, bugersAfter months of wanting to try The Pharmacy, Anthony and I finally made it out the other night.

The Pharmacy only does a handful of things: burgers, brats, beer, and homemade sodas. That made ordering easy! We got a falafel burger and a regular burger, both of which were amazing. We decided that The Pharmacy’s secret to success is the soft, slightly sweet Provence buns. Yum.the pharmacy nashville, bugersOf the two, we actually liked the falafel burger the best. It had a tzatziki sauce that was really flavorful. The tots with the regular burger were pretty spectacular, too.the pharmacy nashville, bugersPlus we got to sit outside on the sunny back porch and watch all the hipsters roll in and out. We’ll definitely be back!

Hope you have a good day. I guess it’s time to go start mine!

  • How do you fuel before/during a marathon?
  • Burgers: veggie, bean, beef, or turkey?
  • Locals: What’s your favorite Nashville restaurant?

6 thoughts on “marathon fueling + the pharmacy nashville

  1. My marathon fueling absolutely sucks. I always plan to take 4 gels or the equivalent with chews, but then I end up taking 1 or 2 and crash (surprise!). I have a hard time letting my brain override my stomach if it’s queasy mid-race

  2. I laughed out loud when you said “speaking of nutrition, here’s a beer.” :)

    So is the humidity really worse in Nashville than in DC? Tonight the humidity is supposed to be 97%. I almost fell over from exhaustion just from reading that on the Weather Channel’s site. WHY, MOTHER NATURE, WHY?

  3. Ooh those look awesome! I definitely eat either a beef or turkey burger! I love my meat! :) but I do really like bean burgers if they are done right. I like them spicy! I have a recipe for Greek turkey burgers and they are ah- mazing!!!

  4. I’ve only run a half marathon, but I had planned to have 2 honey stinger waffles and 1 package of honey stinger energy chews. After the first waffle and just a couple chews, my stomach felt weird so I stopped (this was about mile 6 or 6.5). Of course, the second half of the race was hard, and I walked more than I thought I would have needed to. I blamed it on a 2-mile hill, but now I’m wondering if it was nutrition…

    A friend recommended your blog, so I’m planning on following. I live in Wisconsin but will be in Nashville for work at the end of the month. I’m staying downtown at the conference center. Let me know if you have any recommendations for 3-5 mile routes in that area.

    • thanks for reading! yep, could have been nutrition, though for a half it sort of depends what pace you’re at. my coach typically recommended taking Gu every 30-50 minutes, which can be 1-2 gels for sub-7:30 miles or more than 4 for sub-10-minute miles, you know? i’ll have to check out your blog, too! have fun in nashville! you’ll be really close to the waterfront, a great place to run. you’ll also be about a mile from the pedestrian bridge that goes over the river cutting through the city. i always go to usatf.com and mapmyrun.com to search for routes when i’m traveling!