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weeknight jog with 200 people + chili-rubbed fish

Just a casual weeknight run with 200 other people…IMG_3446East Nasty running club sure is popular around here! I had heard their Wednesday night runs were the place to be, so yesterday I went to check it out.

We did a hilly 4.5-mile loop through the city, with some nice views at the top of each summit. (btw, I am still getting used to all the telephone poles around here (in DC the lines were underground). They butt into the sidewalks and into my photos!!!)IMG_3457The club’s run is so big that they even have pace groups with signs. I didn’t notice this until late in the run, and somehow wound up with a couple of the friendliest and fastest guys in the club. They casually kept the pace around 7:30 on the uphills and 7:15 on the downhills while I struggled to keep up! It was a good challenge.IMG_3454Afterwards, everyone hung out and sipped gatorade (in reusable cups – nice!)IMG_3451and then I tacked on a couple slower miles to shake the legs out.IMG_3452Definitely a cool experience and a very welcoming club. I hear there’s a Wednesday morning group, too, so might have to give that a try next week…

When I got home from my run, Anthony was spending time with his new girlfriend (Weber)._DSC0060He was in charge of dinner and whipped up this chili-rubbed fish + veggie quinoa creation from Eat, Live, Run._DSC0064We cooked our fish (cod) on a cast-iron pizza pan, which got super hot and smoky atop the grill. We thought the recipe was pretty good — the only change we made was to add avocado to the salad later in the meal :)_DSC0068We also added wine and ice cream. YOLO.

  • Do you own a grill? Favorite grill recipes?
  • Biggest group you’ve ever run with, outside of a race?
  • Does your city have above-ground or underground telephone lines? This is very important to know.

5 thoughts on “weeknight jog with 200 people + chili-rubbed fish

  1. I wish I owned a grill (we will be living in an apartment for awhile!), but when we use our parents grill we usually love to grill veges and salmon. My Dad uses this awesome dry rub for the salmon (brown sugar is usually involved…nom nom nom).

    I have actually never run with a running group, but when we move to North Carolina I’m thinking of joining one to meet more people :)

  2. I love that they used reusable cups for such a giant group! the largest group I’ve ever run with outside of a race was maybe 50?

  3. My town has a running group but they run on Saturday mornings. Convenient for most but unfortunatley not for me. Oh well! I’m just glad we have one.

  4. I’ve never done a group run. I don’t think Southern MD has these things. haha. I thought about trying to catch up with the November Project on Wednesday mornings, but it never works out.