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presidential workouts, ramen noodles, and some really high-quality photos

Hi, hi and happy Friday! Some breaking news for you:

  1. Distance runners: it’s officially proven that we deserve weekly pedicures (Anthony I went ahead and set up my spa budget, thanks)
  2. DC people: The Chinatown frozenyo closed? What?! (Thanks Chrissy for sharing)
  3. If you’re looking for a new gym routine, you can follow Obama’s fitness video.

Speaking of the gym, Anthony and I joined another one! (This is our third gym in two months?) Since we have a permanent home now, I think we’ve found a permanent gym home too. IMG_3460It’s a small, low-key gym that’s nearly empty at 6 a.m. — perfect!

Remember Ian, our wedding photographer? Well, we had a double date last night and he is going to be really impressed with this high-quality iPhone photo. I don’t know why we hired a professional for our wedding… 😉IMG_3465Before it got dark, I did get some better pictures. Of our food! Thanks, Two Ten Jack, for a delicious ramen/izakaya experience.

We started off with a seaweed salad. It had two types of seaweed (one from Hawaii, and one from… Japan?) and was super fresh and flavorful — much better than plastic-y stuff you get in the grocery store sushi spots.two_ten_jack_nashville_DSC0071Plus some Asian-style hush puppies. Not sure how I felt about these — they were soy-saucy yet sweet, with salty fish flake things on top. So strange I had to eat them all.two_ten_jack_nashville_DSC0073And some seared salmon, which is Anthony’s favorite! Reminds us of the good ole’ days in Vietnam.two_ten_jack_nashville_DSC0075Last, we shared a bowl of pork ramen, which tasted nothing like Maruchan instant noodles in a very good way. I’ve been sorta run down lately, so hopefully some soup (and beer?) helped.two_ten_jack_nashville_DSC0078And the best part about our dinner? It was close enough so that we could simply walk home :) .

Now it’s time to pop some Dayquil and get going! Have a good weekend!

  • Ever had non-packaged ramen noodles?
  • If you could work out with one US president, who would it be?! (I’d go Teddy for sure. I’d take him on a run on Teddy Roosevelt Island…)
  • What are you most looking forward to this weekend?



3 thoughts on “presidential workouts, ramen noodles, and some really high-quality photos

  1. I’ve always wanted to meet George H.W. Bush, and I hear he was a pretty decent high endurance runner himself.

    • oh, fun fact! i think obama just plays basketball and lifts weights so i wonder if i could outrun him…