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hopping fences, cooking donuts

Good morning from the Nashville airport! I’m about to fly away to New Orleans, but have some weekend highlights to share before I go. I’ve asked the pilot to delay takeoff until I finish this post and he’s cool with it.

So here we go.

I didn’t get in any runs on Saturday and Sunday because I was still sick with a cold, super sore from tubing on the lake, and very busy making donuts (don’t worry, there are pictures below!!). BUT I did make it to the track on Friday!20140616-070310.jpgAnthony and I checked out a new track in our hood. It was perfect but also closed. Not that a wee little fence could every stop us, though…20140616-070232.jpgI did 2×1 mile at a 6:50 pace and then 3x100m at a 6:40ish pace. It felt good!

Then we hit the road to see some family at my parents’ lake house. For our big Saturday night dinner, I was in charge of the salad:veggie_salad_DSC0086Which I have to say is one of my favorites thus far. Roasted peppers and red onions; chopped olives; toasted sunflower seeds; sundried tomatoes; cucumbers; and cherry tomatoes.veggie_salad_DSC0093I topped it with a white wine vinegar/olive oil/dijon/garlic/lemon mix and some feta. Paired perfectly with a mountain of barbecue!_DSC0100The rest of our weekend was spent on the water:20140614_201810Not a bad view at all.

Have you ever made donuts from scratch? For some reason I decided to dedicate four hours of my life to the task on Saturday and Sunday._DSC0121My brother, sister-in-law, Anthony, and I were in charge of a big Father’s Day brunch. Our special guest was the Pioneer Woman, whose homemade donut recipe might have stole the breakfast show…homemade_donuts_DSC0118I must say that making these was one of the proudest moment of my life. Eating them was, of course, was sugary, greasy, and glorious.

Last tip before I go: Save space and don’t make your stuff smelly by tying your shoes to the outside of your carry-on.20140616-065644.jpgNow it’s time to take my shoes and myself to The Big Easy. Just checked with the pilot and he says he guesses we can go now.

  • Travel tips for runners?
  • Have you ever made a homemade donut?!
  • Last time you hopped a fence?

7 thoughts on “hopping fences, cooking donuts

  1. Sorry you werent feeling too well, but not sorry for all that food…..mmaaannnn that salad looks perfect! You are queen of salads from now on! The donuts look great too, I have never made them, but hope to sometime….actually probably should do that soon before my heavy training period starts and I have to knuckle down on nutrition more.

  2. That salad looks amazing and I’m SUPER jealous of your trip to New Orleans. It’s been entirely too long since I’ve been!