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Nashville to NOLA

Game plan for this post: Run through Nashville to New Orleans and end with a breakfast sandwich. Sound good? Let’s go!

Yesterday I got up at the crack of sparrows (Austalian slang here, thanks Anthony) to run around Nashville. I was thisclose to sleeping in, but am so glad I got out there!IMG_3486I fartleked the whole way. And made it to the top of this very chic pedestrian bridge!IMG_3493Hello, new-yet-old home. (For new readers, the story is that I’m from Nashville, moved away for nine years, and just moved back with Anthony. Whirlwind!)IMG_3492About 20 minutes after I took the above picture, I was packed, showered, and speeding in a taxi with wet hair and no makeup. Made it to my flight just on time :)

Flash forward through busy day of work and a night exploring New Orleans… then, another city run in the sun.IMG_3505I found this route on MapMyRun, which looked easy and interesting! MapMyRun is a great resource for runners on the go.

It led me through the city and to a gorgeous park by the art museum.IMG_3511The shade was appreciated since it was approximately 2,000 degrees outside. Also, humidity levels were intense.IMG_3509Running is one of the fastest, cheapest, and loveliest ways to explore a new city, if you ask me. Second are the half-bus, half-car duck tours, and third are segways.IMG_3510Anyways. Despite its sweltering temps, New Orleans scores big running points for having adequate sidewalks, super-flat terrain, and interesting sights. Thanks for hosting me, NOLA!IMG_3513 and thanks for the delicious breakfast sandwich.20140617-182635.jpgNow I’m headed back to NashVegas. See you soon!

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