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around the track, around the world

Sun is up!IMG_3527And I am too. Just barely. Which is good, because I was pretty much asleep during my track workout and thus didn’t really think a single thought the entire time.

I don’t even really listen to music much during track (or on any run) these days. I’m digging the whole silent zen thing I guess.IMG_3528My shoes are pretty loud, though.IMG_35297x800m, coming in at 3:20-3:24 for each one with a minute rest between reps. The last two 800m were tough, but I did ’em! Then drove my sweaty self home feeling pretty satisfied (but still sleepy).

It’s because I stayed up too late partying with these lovley Australians!_DSC0144Anthony’s parents came to visit alllllll the way from Down Under. Since they just stepped off a 28-hour travel journey, I thought some simple comfort food was in order!

Such as my fiery sun-dried tomato soup:_DSC0145and some panini-pressed turkey/pesto sammies. Pesto on a sandwich takes it to another level IMHO._DSC0143What are y’all up to today? (Yes, now that I live in Tennessee I’m going to have to start saying that). I’m off to work, and then looking forward to having Anthony back home tonight! Let’s see if I can stay awake past 8 p.m….

  • What’s one thing you MUST have on a sandwich?
  • Do you think or listen to music when running? (I clearly do neither and turn into a zombie)
  • Most exotic location you’ve ever traveled to?!

4 thoughts on “around the track, around the world

  1. Avocado makes any sandwich better. Haven’t tried it on PBJ but I’m pretty sure it’d work on that, too.

    • oh man, that would be an interesting mix. might as well throw on a strip of bacon at that point too…

  2. I love love love those pink sneakers :)
    When I was running my second half marathon two weekends ago, my brother’s iPod shuffle (which I borrowed very last minute) died and I actually enjoyed running the second half of the race without music. I didn’t realize how cluttered the music was making my thoughts and my focus until I took my headphones out.