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my wish to grill romaine lettuce has come true

Good morning and happy Friday!IMG_3534I started off today with a hot date. Look who’s back! And so excited to wake up at the crack o dawn.IMG_3537Despite Anthony’s FACE, we’re actually loving our new gym. It typically has about three people in it before 7 a.m. (two of which are Anthony and me)

And loving our new grill. Last night we whipped up a feast for everyone:_DSC0186
Anthony was in charge of the main (barbecue chicken) while I tackled the sides. I live for side dishes.

One was simply roasted potatoes and carrot wedges. The trick: crank up the oven to at least 400 degrees, and rub everything in salt and fresh rosemary._DSC0183The other side was a grilled romaine salad. I’ve always wanted to try grilled romaine, and last night my wish came true. It was a giant life moment for me._DSC0178I pretty much followed this recipe with a few substitutions/alterations (like the addition of BACON). Turned out pretty well, but I think in the future I’d go with a lighter and less complicated vinaigrette. grilled_romaine_salad_DSC0173All together:_DSC0189Yum!

Now we’re off to party all weekend! And by party, I mean unpack boxes :) Have a good one.

  • Are you a side dish person or a main dish person?
  • Runners: how often do you cross train?
  • What are you MOST looking forward to this weekend?

9 thoughts on “my wish to grill romaine lettuce has come true

  1. Yum! I think things generally taste better when they are burnt. I’m a side dish person too

    I’m really variable on cross training…usually I get hurt and then start to cross train more, get healthy and cross train less…and cycle through that over and over