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a run, some paint, a burrito, and a run (weekend recap)

Monday. How is the weekend over already?!! Ours was a jam-packed one.

Mine started way too early on Saturday, when I woke up to meet the PR Bandits!IMG_3539I was half asleep during the first part of the run, but boy oh boy was I happy to be out there and beat the heat just a little bit. IMG_3540I ran with two other Bandits for the first eight miles. We picked up the pace to about 8:00/mile right at the end, which felt good! Plus had good chats along the way.

Then I headed out for six more solo, taking it back to 8:15ish.IMG_3541By the end of my run, it was 83 degrees with 90% humidity — just after 8 a.m.! Welcome to Sweat City.

A short, heavily air-conditioned drive back home, followed by a cold shower, followed by…_DSC0020Breakfast is my favorite meal.

The rest of the weekend featured lots of boxes, lots of paint brushes, and lots of teamwork. We’re slowly making out house into a home! Do you like the color we chose for our dining room? If not, too bad, because I am never painting around all that window trim ever again.
Anthony’s parents and my parents helped us to a bunch of little (and big!) projects around the house. We paid them back with margaritas._DSC0031and beer._DSC0032The end-of-Saturday celebrations were held at Las Maracas, a low-key Mexican spot in East Nashville.

Sometimes (as in, all the time) you just need a burrito._DSC0037My legs were a bit tired on Sunday, but Anthony and I needed a break from Home Improvement Lambkin-style.IMG_3557We covered six easy miles in Shelby park.IMG_3559and I busted out my fifth pair of PureConnects! My favorite shoe ever.IMG_3556Now, it’s time to lace them back up and get out there again. Have a good week!

  • What type of shoe are you running in at present?
  • What color is your dining room?
  • How early do you start your long runs?

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