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pork chops and elvis.

Hi there! How are you? Would you like a stack of pork chops?_DSC0067I don’t think Anthony and I have ever made pork chops, but now that we have a grill we’ve decided that we can cook just about anything and it will taste good!
We paired our pork with a mozzerella/tomato/basil salad and homemade bread. YES — bread that I made myself here at home (more on that in a future post!) (I know, the suspense will kill you!!!!)

This meal came together in minutes. _DSC0073We even managed to eat dinner before 9 p.m., which meant we had time to take a walk to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream after!IMG_3567Anthony and I shared three scoops of bliss in a cup. I like cones, but cups are way less messy. Agreed?IMG_3568Anyways, after the walk, I woke up and went for a RUN!IMG_3572Good news, people. Street furniture (and apparel!) is BACK. Here’s a shoe on Shelby Ave.IMG_3571Nashville, I’m starting to like you just a little bit…IMG_3573I took a pause during my tempo run to say hi to the King. Poor guy has been chained to the wall for years.
This is where I would usually end a post, but I have more food to share. Sorry, we are hungry people._DSC0007Anthony’s parents  have made life pretty easy by cooking us some fabulous dinners during their stay here. Pan-fried fish, roasted potatoes, and this salad:_DSC0006We dipped our fish and fries in this Australian ketchup, too!_DSC0013It was great CATCHING UP with you guys today. I know, that was terrible.

  • Where do you parents/spouse’s parents live?
  • Ever cooked pork chops?
  • What do your tempo run routines usually look like? 

4 thoughts on “pork chops and elvis.

  1. I live in Iowa where pork is king, so I’ve been cooking pork chops forever! Looks like you did it right! (BTW – I wondered when there was going to be an Elvis sighting!)